Activating Instant Transfers

How do I activate Instant Transfers? 


To utilize instant transfers, you must turn on MFA (multi-factor authentication) upon signing in. MFA adds an extra layer of protection over your account to prevent fraud so others cannot access your funds. 


To turn on MFA, start by logging out of your Arbiter account, then follow these steps: 


  1. Sign in to Arbiter with your password like you normally do. After you choose Sign in, you'll be prompted to enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA). 
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  1. Select “Yes” and click Continue. 

  1. If you choose “No”, you will not be able to use Instant Transfers. 

  1. Arbiter will ask for your mobile number and then send you an SMS message with a 6-digit code to verify your device. 

  1. You will be signed in and you can navigate back to Payments to Instantly Transfer your funds. 

  1. After enabling MFA in this way, each time you sign in to Arbiter, you'll be prompted to either enter a verification code sent to you by text message or verify by receiving an automated call from Microsoft. 

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    Shannon Rambeau

    If your not automatically prompted to the MFA page.

    How do you get there?


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