Student Registration - How To Edit a Correction Required Registration

If you receive a notification that your registration status has been changed to Correction Required it means the school/organization wants you to make edits to your completed registration before they can approve your registration. If you are unsure about what needs to be updated, contact the school/organization directly.

Note: Please note, Section and Add-On selections typically cannot be changed by a family once a registration has been submitted to an organization. For changes to these areas, please reach out to the organization with whom you have registered. 

How to Edit a Correction Required Registration

1. Log in to your Arbiter Registration account and select Registrations in the blue navigation bar. 

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2. Under Correction Required Registrations, locate the registration and click on the Edit Registration button.
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3. Make the necessary changes to your registration and select the blue  Save and Submit at the bottom of the page to submit the updated information to the organization. Your registration status will change from  Correction Required to  Completed. The organization will need to review the changes you've submitted.
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