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Pay Event Workers for Events
If an Event Worker is Not Showing Up to Pay
How to Link an Event Workers ArbiterPay Account

How To Assign Workers to Events & Manage Workers

Pay Event Workers for Events

Similar to officials, workers assigned to events will automatically show up for payment on the day of the event. After an event is complete, you can log in and pay the workers.
  1. Sign into your school's ArbiterGame account on
  2. Go to the Payroll tab. Event workers will be included in the list of payees to pay for the event. Refer to the Position column to identify your officials and workers.
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  1. Optionally, filter for the worker based on the date range or sport.
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  1. Check the box on the left side next to the event worker(s) you need to pay.
    1. Note: Workers with no ArbiterPay account cannot be paid until after their pay account is set up. Here's how workers can register: Registering for ArbiterPay (Event Workers)
  2. Click Make Payments located on the top right side.
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  1. The Pay Games menu will open from the right side. You can switch your ArbiterPay account by clicking on the account listed at the top. (This is applicable to schools who have sub-accounts set up to keep their funds separate for each sport or payee type.)
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  1. Enter your school's TIN. The TIN (Tax Identification Number) is required to pay officials and workers. This ensures we are more accurate with payment transactions.
    1. Note: Check the box next to "Use for future payments" to save the TIN so that you do not have to enter it every time you pay.
  2. Click Pay at the bottom.
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  1. Enter the 4-digit Security PIN for your school's ArbiterPay account and click Ok.

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  1. The payments will immediately process and be made available in the worker's ArbiterPay account instantaneously. On your Event Payments page, the payments will be moved from "Payments" to "History."

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If an Event Worker is Not Showing Up to Pay:

1. Similar to officials, event workers cannot be paid until the time of the events have passed. The events will show up on the Payments page, however you will not be able to submit the payments until the start time has passed.

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2. Make sure the event worker is marked as a Contractor and not an Employee.

i. Go to the People tab, then click on Workers.
ii. Click on the workers name.
iii. In the drop-down menu next to "Type" select Contractor.
iv. Click Save Worker.

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3. No ArbiterPay Account - If the status on the left side of the worker says "No Pay Account" in red, this means either the worker needs to register for an ArbiterPay account or you need to link the worker's existing ArbiterPay account. Refer to the instructions below for how to link the worker's pay account.
This article walks event workers through the process of setting up their ArbiterPay account: Registering for ArbiterPay (Event Workers)

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How To Link an Event Worker's ArbiterPay Account:

i. Go to the People tab, then click Workers.
ii. Click on the worker's name to edit their profile.
iii. Towards the bottom on the left side, you should see two spaces for  "User Name" and "Account Number." This is where you link the worker's ArbiterPay account. These two spaces are only shown if the worker does not have an ArbiterPay account linked. In order to link their pay account, you will need to obtain the worker's ArbiterPay account username and their ArbiterPay account number.
iv. Enter the worker's ArbiterPay username and ArbiterPay account number, then click Save Worker in the bottom right corner.

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Also, see the Linking an Event Worker's ArbiterPay Account section of the Manage Event Workers article.

For more information about how to Assign Workers to Games and Non-Game Events, please click here: Assign Workers to Games and Events
If you need to add, edit, or manage your event workers, please click here: Manage Event Workers


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