Student Registration - Registering For Existing Users

Important: ArbiterSports uses the latest technology, and outdated browsers may cause issues during registration. We recommend using the most up to date browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to ensure the best user experience. You may experience difficulty with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or work computers due to security settings. 

Have you used Arbiter Registration (formerly FamilyID) in the past to register someone in your family? Do you need to register that same person for a program or do you need to add a new person to your account? You can use one account to register anyone in your family, even if they aren't signing up at the same school or organization.

1. Once logged in to Arbiter Registration as an existing user, you are brought to your Dashboard. Select the blue link with your organization's name or type the name of the school you are looking to register for in the search bar that reads Type organization name or keyword to find a program, select your state, and select Find. 
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2. Scroll through the search results to find your program. Select the blue link under the Programs header to access the registration form for the program. 

Note: If there are no blue links or open programs as shown below, please reach out to your school/organization directly for further information on how to register for a program that is no longer available on Arbiter Registration.
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3. Scroll through the registration form and click the  Register Now button. Depending on how lengthy the school or organization's description is -- just keep scrolling until you see it. You can either select the Register Now button or just simply scroll down the page until you see the blue header that says Sections to kick off your registration process.
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4. Select the Section of your choice.
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5. To register a participant click on the menubar that states Click here to SELECT or CREATE participant. You will not be able to edit any of the fields until you make your selection. 
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6. You have the choice to use saved data if you have a family member with information already saved in your Arbiter Registration account. You can also add a new family member by selecting CREATE NEW participant.
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7. If using information for a saved participant, the form will auto-populate with your existing information after you have made your selection. If creating a new participant, simply complete all fields, and continue to scroll through the form until you reach the very bottom of the page.  

Make sure to do the following:  

Any questions that have not been answered before will need to be completed. 

Check over your form to make certain that all required fields are filled in. 

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8. After you have completely filled in the form, click on the Continue button.

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Important: If you have not filled in all fields with a red asterisk, the form will NOT continue. It will bring you back up to the field(s) you have missed. If you are having difficulty, please Save and Finish Later and give support a shout to troubleshoot. If you have been logged out due to inactivity, support will be unable to retrieve your information. Please start a session and start a new registration.

9.  A summary of the registration will be displayed. In order to complete your registration, you will have the option to either select the Pay & Submit button for online payment or the Submit button for submitting your registration. The options available to you are dependent on your organization's program settings.

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Note: For online payments, proceed to complete payment. When the registration has been paid, your registration will be complete AND you will get an email confirmation. 


For offline payments (Payments not being taken through Arbiter Registration, other methods of payment your organization may be using) - After you have clicked the Submit button, your registration will be submitted and you will receive an email confirmation from us. For offline payments, please follow further payment instructions listed or reach out to your organization directly if you have any questions. 

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10. When you have successfully submitted your registration, you will see a summary page of your registration that states 'REGISTRATION STATUS: COMPLETED'. You will also receive a confirmation email to the email address associated with your Arbiter Registration account.  

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