FamilyID Correction Required-Asking Families to Make an Update to a Submitted Registration (Orgs)

How to Ask Families to Make an Update to a Submitted Registration

If you have added a new agreement to a registration form, or if a family has submitted information that requires updating, you can easily send a notification to families prompting them to edit their registration accordingly. 

The Correction Required feature allows you to change a registration status such that a family can make any necessary edits. Most schools find this particularly helpful if they need to add a new agreement to a registration form to their online athletic packet. By changing the status of any registration to Correction Required the family will be able to their registration, including the signature area.

This article will show you how to:

  • Update registration(s) to Correction Required status
  • Notify families of this update while sending a custom note
Log in to your FamilyID account and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.
Select the Filled Number associated with the program whose registrations you'd like to review.
Select the registration(s) you would like to update the status of by using the checkboxes on the left. This selection will prompt the EDIT/EMAIL SELECTED window on the right-side of the page.
Click directly on the Registration Station drop-down to update it to Correction Required.
Select the checkbox Notify registrant of changes to send an email to the registrant(s) about their status change.

Instead of using the default notification note (see below for an example of our default note), you may send a custom note. Only the email address that the family created their account under will receive this notice. To have a copy of this note sent to yourself, or to an email other than the family's account owner email address, enter email addresses in the Copy notification to the the following email addresses field.  You may enter as many email addresses as you'd like, separating email addresses with a comma or a space. 
Select the Update button to save your changes. The notification email will be sent out (see example below):

Alternate Method

You can also change the status of an individual registration from the EDIT screen. Select the EDIT button associated with the registration you are looking to update.
This will show you their completed registration and you may now select Correction Required from the drop-down list under Registration Status

After changing the status, select the Notify Registrants of Changes check box, and select Save and Continue to complete the process.


The family will receive an email stating that changes need to be made to their registration, and once they re-submit it with the necessary changes, the ' An existing registration has been updated or modified' email will be sent back to you. Below is an example of that email:

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