Student Registration - Create an Add-On

As an organization, you have the ability to provide discounts or collect fees using an  Add-On. 

When creating a program. An Add-On is an additional selection on a registration form that may add a fee or apply a discount. Organizations use Add-Ons to manage things like:

  • Booster donations
  • Free or reduced lunch discount or waiver
  • Late fees for late registrants
  • Discounts for early bird registrants
  • Sibling discounts
  • Membership renewals
If you plan on collecting an Administrative Fee to recoup the cost of online processing for each registration read this guide first.
An Add-on is an additional selection that applies to the whole registration program. These will appear in the email confirmation of the completed registration. Add-ons can be something that adds a fee or provides a discount. Examples are sibling discounts, donations, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Once a registration has been submitted, even if you put them in a Correction Required status families are unable to change Add-On selections on their end. This has to be done by you, the organization.  

1. Log in to your Arbiter Registration Organization account (formerly known as FamilyID) and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

User-added image

2. Select the grey Edit button associated with the program you would like to add the add-on to.

3. Select the third tab on the wizard, titled Add-on. Choose the blue Create New Add-on button.

4. On the pop-up window, enter your Add-on information and choose Save to update your registration form to include the Add-on.


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