How To Create and Monitor Tests


Navigate to Tests
Creating a Test
How to Monitor Tests

Navigate to Tests

  1. Sign in to your association Admin account on
  2. Click on the Eligibility tab.
  3. Click the Testing sub-tab.
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  1. Click the Add New Test button.
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How to Create a Test

Creating a Test - Step 1: Test Settings

  1. The first part of creating a test is to setup some basic test settings.
  • If you have any previous tests in your group, you can also copy settings using the "Copy from existing test" link in the top-right corner of the page.
Make sure to fill in all required fields which are marked with a red asterisk. This includes:
  1. Test Name - Enter a name for the test as it should appear for users.
  2. Start Date and Time- Enter the date and time you want the test to be open to users.
  3. Close Date and Time- Enter the date and time you want the test to close.
  4. Number of Submissions of Finalized Exam Allowed: (Allowed Attempts) Enter the number of times that an official should be allowed to submit a finalized test.
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  • Make sure you enter the number of questions you intend to have on your test. Also, make sure you have Review Dates set up so you can monitor the test as the results come in.
  • If you're not sure what any of the test settings mean, click on the blue question mark icon next to it for more information.
  1. You can add a Welcome Message and Instructions for your users which will show at the beginning of the test.
  2. You can also add Test Review Instructions, text for a Confirmation Message, and text for a Confirmation Email.
    1. Test Review Instructions: Enter the copy that the officials will see upon entering Test Review for the first time.
    2. Confirmation WIndow Text: Enter text that the user will see on the confirmation screen after submitting a finalized test.
    3. Confirmation Email Text: Enter the text for the confirmation email that is automatically sent to the official’s email address after submission of a finalized test.
  3. Click Save and Continue when done.

Creating a Test - Step 2: Questions & Answers
The second part of creating a test focuses on setting up the Questions and Answers.

1. There are two options to enter your Questions and Answers: Bulk Import or Manual.
  1. Bulk Import: This option allows you to use an Import Template.
    1. Click on "Option 1- Bulk Import" and the instructions will open on the page.
    2. Download the template and fill out the test data on the excel spreadsheet.
    3. Click Choose File to import the template into ArbiterSports.
    4. Your imported data will appear below in the Manual area where it can be modified. Click here to jump to the next step of instructions in this article.
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  1. Manual: This option allows you to manually set up the test sections, questions, and answers.
    1. Click on "Option 2- Manual."
    2. Click + Section.
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  1. Enter a name for the section. At least one section is required if you do not plan to have multiple sections on your test. Click Save if just want one section. Click Save and Add Another if you wish to set up multiple sections.
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  1. After you create your section(s), click the tool icon next to the section and click +Question & Answers.User-added image
  2. Click Source twice to be able to type into the text box. Type in your question.
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  1. Enter a minimum of two choices for your question. Make sure to select which choice is the correct answer. If you need to add more than two choices, click Add Another Choice at the bottom.
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  1. Click Save and Add New until you have added all questions needed.

2. Click Save and Continue after you have finished adding your questions and answers.
3. Choose if you want to Publish your test or Keep Unpublished. After publishing, your Officials can take the test.
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How to Monitor a Test

After your test has been published and officials begin to take the test, you will need to monitor the results.
  1. Sign in to your association Admin account on
  2. Click on the Eligibility tab.
  3. Click the Testing sub-tab.
  4. On the Testing Admin Dashboard, you will see all the tests that have been created.
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  1. Click Monitor next to your test.
  2. You can choose to monitor by Users or by Questions. If needed, click Export on the right side of the page to download the responses.
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