Linking ArbiterPay and ArbiterSports (Contacts)

If you are an official trying to link your ArbiterPay account to receive payments, please click the following link to visit this article: Linking ArbiterPay with ArbiterOne - Officials Payments Screen

Linking Your Accounts Together

  1. Sign in to your ArbiterSports contact account on
  2. If you are part of multiple assigning groups, sign in to the group you wish to link to your ArbiterPay account.
    1. Please note: If you have multiple assigners, you will need to link your ArbiterPay account with each assigner separately. 
  3. Stay on the Schedule Tab:
    1. Click on the Pay Dashboard link under the Pay Dashboard column.
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  1. Click the Link Existing ArbiterPay Account button. 
    1. Note: If you have not registered for an ArbiterPay account, click Setup Pay Account.
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  1. Search for your ArbiterPay account with the Username linked to it.
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  1. Verify that your ArbiterPay account number is accurate by checking the last four digits. For paying administrators that have sub-accounts in ArbiterPay, select the correct account number you need to link using this drop-down menu.
  2. Click Continue.
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  1. Enter your 4-digit Security Key/PIN.
  1. If you forgot your Security Key, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot PIN?" Learn more here: How to Reset Your ArbiterPay Security PIN
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ArbiterSports will display your ArbiterPay account number along with the current available balance. If your ArbiterPay account is funded and you are ready to pay officials, please click the following link to learn how to submit payments: Pay Officials with ArbiterPay (Contacts)

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To fund your ArbiterPay account, please click the appropriate link below, depending on which method you wish to fund your account.


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