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Registration and Central Hub Set Up
Tie the Background Check to an Eligibility
Running a Background Check

Interpreting Background Check Results



Create a PeopleTrail account

PeopleTrail™ is an accredited pre-employment, background, and drug screening services provider located in Draper, Utah and is the provider of background checks for ArbiterSports.  To create an account, you will need to do the following:

1. Begin by navigating to the Users tab and Officials sub-tab.  
2. Click on the Background Check link, under
 the Utilities section located in the top left corner.

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3. After clicking on the link, the following window will appear which contains another link. By clicking on this link, you will be given a .pdf of a PeopleTrail account application.  Included in this application is an agreement for service, an account application, certification, and it should be noted that the customer must have a listing with directory assistance.

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4. The completed form needs to be faxed to PeopleTrail at (800) 531-8053.  If the user has any questions regarding the application, PeopleTrail, or what is contained in the background check, they can direct those questions to PeopleTrail through their sales department (801-307-4100) or Toll-Free at 1-866-223-8822.  After the application has been reviewed, PeopleTrail will give the user a nine-digit account number that will be used to link the ArbiterSports account to the PeopleTrail account.

Set screening filters in PeopleTrail

PeopleTrail can provide a wide variety of customization in setting up your background check. The background checks offered tend to fall into one of two categories:

1. Recommended Search - Verifies the identity of the official using Name, Date of Birth and SSN and allows you to filter out unneeded results.  Results are returned from the National Criminal Database, the 50 State Sex Offender registries, the OFAC Terrorist Watch List database and hundreds of local databases.

2. Customized Search - Customize to meet the needs of the organization, such as county court records, driving records, credit, and financial reports, etc.

Link ArbiterSports account to the PeopleTrail account

Upon obtaining the PeopleTrail account number, the ArbiterSports account and PeopleTrail account can be linked. Follow the steps below to link the accounts.

  1. Click on the Users tab. You should automatically be directed to the Officials sub-tab.
  2. Click on the Background Check link under Utilities on the left side.
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  1. The following window will pop up to link your PeopleTrail account.
  2. Enter the provided nine-digit PeopleTrail account number and click save. A notification will appear acknowledging that the account was saved successfully.
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  1. At this point, your ArbiterSports account and PeopleTrail accounts are linked.
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Registration and Central Hub Set Up


One of the attractive features of using ArbiterSports and PeopleTrail for Background Checks is that the system is FCRA compliant.

It should be noted, that when it is stated that "Our system prevents organizations from removing officials from our system" that the system referred to here is an ArbiterSports account, not necessarily that they will remain in the group.  Also, it should be noted that the background information will be retained by PeopleTrail for the individual for at least the next year.

To maintain FCRA compliance, consent must be obtained from the official in order to run a background check with PeopleTrail.  This is obtained through an ArbiterSports registration located on an ArbiterSports central hub.  As part of that consent, the official is notified that the result of the background check may affect their eligibility to officiate for the given organization.  That official also has the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time after receipt of the consent letter to request disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation.  The group requesting the background check also has this right.


  1. To create a registration which will house the required consent, click on the Users tab.
  2. Click on the Registration sub-tab.
  3. Click on Add New Registration Process.
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  1. After entering the Registration a name, a Background Check Process Step needs to be created.  Click on the green plus sign in the upper right-hand corner to create a new Process Step.
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  1. Upon creation of the Process Step, the step will need to be given a name (Background Check) and a Step Type.  "The Background Check Disclosure" option is the needed Step Type in order to correctly collect the required consent to run a background check on an official.
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  1. In the bottom section, click on Actions. Click the green plus sign to add the Background Check Consent action.
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  1. Click Ok.
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  1. Upon completion, click Ok and you will be returned to the "Edit Process" page of the registration.
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  1. Once your registration is completely built and has been reviewed, you can publish the registration to make it go live by choosing a publish date and saving the registration.

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Central Hub-

Now that the registration is live, a way for the officials to access that registration needs to be created.  This is done through an ArbiterSports Central Hub.  If a Central Hub has not yet been activated for the account, this can be accomplished by contacting our Billing and Renewals department at 801-702-8028.  Upon activation of the account, the Central Hub will need to be built (due to the amount of detail that can be included in a Central Hub, only the essentials for background checks will be touched on here) and the proper permissions will need to be given to the Admin of the account.

In building the central hub, a template is chosen and tabs are created.  One of these tabs would be the desired Registration.  It should be noted that this tab can also be used as a landing page and a Url can be supplied and then given to the officials as a method of reaching the proper registration.

With the Registration tab created, the official will now be able to access and complete the registration through the group's ArbiterSports central hub.

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Central Hub Review/Test-

As the official completes the registration, one sees the steps that were setup earlier.  Specifically in the background check step, the official will be presented with a document which acknowledges their FCRA rights.  The official is required to select "I Agree", which acknowledges that they have read the Summary of their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and certifies that they understand its content, in order to proceed with the registration.  Upon agreeing to this, the background check agreement is presented to the official which authorizes the group for which the official is registering to conduct a background check.  Again, the official must select "Yes" in order to proceed with the registration.

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Upon completion of the registration, the date and amount paid (if applicable) will be recorded, and the Registration in the group will update the Started and Completed records.  It should be noted that "Who has Registered" can be viewed by clicking on the "Monitor" text in the open registration.

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Tie the Background Check to an Eligibility


To use the results of the background checks in the most efficient manner, we strongly recommend creating an eligibility that is tied to the background check results.  By doing this, the results of the background check can be used to assure that only officials that have passed the background check are being assigned to events. To create eligibility, the following steps will need to be followed:

  1. Click on the Users tab. You should automatically be directed to the Officials sub-tab.
  2. On the left side, click on Eligibility.
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  1. Click Add Eligibility on the right side.
  2. Enter the Eligibility details.
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  1. Once the eligibility is created, Eligibility Requirements (specifically that of Background Check) need to be added. This is done by clicking on the name of the Eligibility and then clicking on the "Click here to add a new requirement" text.
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  1. By clicking on this, a new window is opened which allows the user to specify the Eligibility Type (Background Check) and to specify which Background Checks to include in the eligibility based on when the Background Check is run.  It is also here that the user can add any notes that will help the official better understand the requirement for the eligibility.

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  1. Upon saving, the newly created requirement is now part of the eligibility, and this eligibility can now be used as assignments are made.


As officials become eligible, an icon that you specify when you create the Eligibility will appear next to their name indicating that they have completed and passed background checks.



Running a Background Check


As you are looking to find officials that need to have their background check run or need to have their background check results addressed, user filters can be of great assistance.  On the "Users" tab and "Officials" sub-tab, you can click on the "Create" button to create a new filter.
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 On the next page, you can give this filter a name and base that filter on "Eligibility Period" to utilize your newly setup eligibility or also it can be set up based on "Background Check Status."  Using these options, you will be able to easily identify those that are eligible, those that are not, those that need to have their background checks run, those that need to be reviewed, and those that are currently in the review process with ease.
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  1. To begin running a background check, you will need to use filters to select the officials for which you would like to run a background check.  The officials that appear after selecting the filter (not the ones that are checked) will be those that have their background check run.  After selecting the officials, click on the Background Check utility and a summary of the background check that is about to be run appears
  2. On this summary, you will find the following pieces of information:
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  • Date- This is the current date that the background checks are being requested.
  • Selected Officials- This is the total count of the number of officials that are being considered for a background check.  This number is determined by the filter selected.
  • Excluded Officials- In this section, each of the reasons why an official could be excluded from a background check is listed along with the number of officials that fall into each category.  A "View" option off to the right also allows the user to click and see who the specific officials are that will be excluded.  As is listed, the following must be true of the official to be able to have a background check run for them:

1) The official must have their Date of Birth (DOB) registered in the ArbiterSports system.
2) The official must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) in the ArbiterSports system.
3) The official must not be under the age of 18 (a juvenile).  If a background check is requested for a minor, the background check will always return as passed.  It is not legal to run a check on a minor.  It should be noted, however, that the expiration of this background check will automatically be set for their 18th birthday.
4) The official must be marked as an active official in the account
5) The official must have given consent for the background check.  This is done through the registration that was setup prior.
6) The official must not have a recently run (previous) background check.

  • Total number of officials being sent to PeopleTrail- This is the final number of officials that will have their background check run by PeopleTrail.
  • Background Check Depth- Only officials that have no "Hits" or have been reviewed are eligible for an 18-month background check as their second background check.  Otherwise, select a full background check to be run.
  • Background Check Expiration-  This is how long the background check will be considered acceptable.  It should be noted that this is capped at 3 years, regardless of the date that is chosen.
  • Agreement- The admin of the account must agree before the background check requests will be sent to PeopleTrail.
  1. After the chosen officials have been reviewed, you can send the request for the background checks by clicking the "Send" button.  At this point, you must wait for a response from PeopleTrail in your ArbiterSports account.


Interpreting Background Check Results

Upon completion of a background check, a small square will appear to the right of the official.  This small square will be one of numerous colors and patterns with each color and pattern representing something different.

Blue = Background Check Pending
Green = No Hit = Background Check Cleared

Yellow = Hit = Action Needed (Pre-Adverse or Adverse Letter to be sent) - The official will need to contact PeopleTrail to handle the issue. Once the issue has been cleared up, the assigner can change the status of the background check to green
Yellow/Red = Pre-Adverse letter has been sent
Red = Adverse Finding = Background Check Didn’t Clear (Declined) - Assigner can review the background check to determine if a pre-adverse or adverse letter should be sent.  It should be noted that if an account adverses (declines) an official, that official can no longer be active in that account.
Black = API Service Error - This indicates that there is an issue with the product and it will need to be investigated further by ArbiterSports.  If this occurs in your account, please contact our Customer Success Team at


Now, each of the squares displaying the state of the official's background check is also interactive.  By clicking on the colored square, the administrator can see the name of the official, when the background check was sent, the status, and the Background Check Report (With the proper permissions).  It should be noted that privacy regarding these reports is held in the highest regard and is only viewable for the official, PeopleTrail, and the Administrator of the group.  It should also be noted that all decisions made regarding eligibility of an official are made by the administrator of the group, not ArbiterSports or PeopleTrail.


You will notice that for a background check that returns with a "Hit," you will be given an option of sending a Pre-Adverse Letter.  This letter is a notification to the official of the report, letting them know that a decision will be made based on the report contents.  Additionally, the letter contains PeopleTrail's information for any questions or disputes and a link to the report. 


Once a report has been reviewed, the administrator is given the option of immediately sending an Adverse Letter, scheduling one to go out later (can be setup to go out 3 days after the pre-adverse letter), or to cancel the Adverse Letter based on the findings.  The Adverse Letter provides the Group's, official's, and PeopleTrail's information.  It also notifies the official that the group cannot grant them eligibility based on the mutually agreed upon background check.

If the official would like to dispute the findings, the official can obtain a free copy of the background check with proper identification from PeopleTrail.  The information found in the report can be disputed with PeopleTrail within 60 days of receiving the Adverse Letter.

Finally, it should be noted that when the user is working with PeopleTrail, it is beneficial to approach them with the email address, phone number and postal code of the official in question.  Providing this information can greatly assist in their efforts to help you.  Also, if at any time old/no longer valid background check results need to be removed from the ArbiterSports system, this is handled by the ArbiterSports System Maintenance team and involves a fee of $50.00.


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