Payment Voucher Report in ArbiterGame

This Payment Voucher report allows schools to download and print vouchers for multiple games at once, and it combines the officials and workers into one voucher versus downloading the vouchers on each game separately under the Schedule tab.

  1. Sign into your school's account on
  2. Click on the Reports tab.
  3. Click on the Payment Voucher report located under the Financial section.
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  1. Enter a start date and end date for the game(s) you need the vouchers for.
  2. Select the game criteria: Sport, level, event type, and event status (You can select more than one sport and level at a time by clicking and dragging the mouse or by holding Ctrl (control) on your keyboard as you click the sports and levels).
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  1. Click Export to PDF. Below is an example of what a voucher looks like.
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View our Payment Vouchers help guide if you wish to download a single game's voucher, or separately run the officials voucher and workers voucher.
To learn about other financial reporting options in your school's account, view this help guide: ArbiterGame Reports- Financial Report


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