Adding a Satellite Site

A Satellite site is a location that has a different address than your home school site that you will be scheduling home games to. An example is if a school didn't have a swimming pool and went to the local sports complex for their swim meets.

Adding Sites
1. Click on the Sites tab.
2. Click on Manage Satellite Sites.

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i. The next screen will feature those satellite sites located in the vicinity of your school’s zip code. You can change the radius (in miles) and search by the name of the site.
3. Check the boxes next to all of your satellite sites.
4. If a satellite site is not listed, click Create New Sites.
  1. Since this is a MASTER LIST to all ArbiterSport's schools, we encourage to ensure that home site is not listed. If it is not listed, follow the prompts adding in the legal name of the school, site type, and address. The system will then try to match the address to other sites already in the list. We encourage you to use what is already on the master list rather than creating your own to ensure it does not get double booked.

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5. Once you have selected all of your Satellite Site, click I’m Done Managing Home Sites.

Note: If new sites have more than one location on the premises where a game might be played, add those locations as sub-sites.


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