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How do I sign in? 

What do I do if I forgot my password? 

  • For instructions on what to do if you forgot your password, please read this article. 

What if I forgot my password and I don’t have access to my email? 

  • The only way to recover a forgotten password on Arbiter is via email. If you’ve forgotten your password, you will need to get access to your email so that you can obtain the recovery code needed to reset your Arbiter password. If you are having a tough time accessing that email, be sure to check your spam, trash, or junk folders. If you truly no longer have access to the email on your account, please reach out to our customer support team at or 1-800-311-4060.

How do I merge two accounts together?

  • For instructions on how to merge two accounts together, please read this article. 



What is MFA and how does it work? 

For more information on MFA, please read this article.


Am I required to enable MFA? 

All users that receive payments through Arbiter are required to turn on MFA.


Why is Arbiter requiring MFA? 

Passwords alone can no longer provide sufficient safeguards against unauthorized account access. MFA adds an extra layer of protection against threats like phishing attacks, increasing security for your Arbiter account.


How do I turn on MFA? 

When you sign in, you will be prompted to enroll in MFA. Follow the prompts to turn MFA on for your account. For more information, please read this article.


What changes if I enable MFA?

Once you turn on MFA, each time you sign in to Arbiter, you'll be prompted to provide the additional verification code sent to you by text message. Once you provide this, you will be logged in to your account as usual.


How do I change the phone number associated with my MFA? 

Once you’ve signed up for MFA, you will receive verification text messages to the phone number you entered. If you need to change this, you will need to reach out to our customer support team at or 1-800-311-4060. Soon, you will be able to edit your MFA phone number from your Profile after you’ve logged in. 


What do I do if I don’t have access to that phone number anymore? 

If you cannot access the phone you have set up for MFA you will need to each out to our customer support team at or 1-800-311-4060. We will have to verify your identity to help you get into your account. We can not remove a phone number however we can request to change the phone number. 


I don’t have a mobile device. Can I still use MFA? 

Yes. You can choose to receive an automated phone call to verify rather than a text. If you choose this option you will not speak with a human, but rather confirm you received the call by pressing a button to verify your identity.. 


I'm not receiving the verification code sent to my mobile device. 

Not receiving your verification code is a common problem. The problem is typically related to your mobile device and its settings. Here are some suggestions that you can try. 

  • Restart your mobile device 

  • Sometimes your device just needs a refresh. When you restart your device, all background processes and services are ended. The restart also shuts down the core components of your device. Any service or component is refreshed when you restart your device. 

  • Verify that your notifications are turned on 

  • Make sure your mobile device has notifications turned on for text messages and phone calls. Ensure they are allowed and that they create an alert that is visible on your device. 

  • Make sure you have a device signal and Internet connection 

  • Make sure your phone calls and text messages are getting through to your mobile device. Have a friend call you and send you a text message to make sure you receive both. If you don't receive the call or text, first check to make sure your mobile device is turned on. If your device is turned on, but you're still not receiving the call or text, there's probably a problem with your network. You'll need to talk to your provider. 

  • Turn off Do not disturb 

  • Make sure you haven't turned on the Do not disturb feature for your mobile device. When this feature is turned on, notifications aren't allowed to alert you on your mobile device. Refer to your mobile device's manual for instructions about how to turn off this feature. 

  • Check your battery-related settings 

  • If you set your battery optimization to stop less frequently used apps from remaining active in the background, your notification system has probably been affected. Try turning off battery optimization for both your authentication app and your messaging app. Then try to sign in to your account again. 

  • Disable third-party security apps 

  • Some phone security apps block text messages and phone calls from annoying unknown callers. A security app might prevent your phone from receiving the verification code. Try disabling any third-party security apps on your phone, and then request that another verification code be sent. 

Can I use a password manager as an alternative to MFA? 

Password Managers work in tandem with MFA, but are not a replacement for them. Password Managers help create strong passwords for all your online accounts without the need to remember them, check if passwords have been involved in a breach and ensure you won’t fall victim to phishing attempts by verifying the authenticity of sign-in pages before logging you in. 

Passwords are just one piece of login security and alone, no longer provide sufficient safeguards against unauthorized account access. MFA adds an extra layer of protection against threats like phishing attacks, increasing security for your Arbiter account. 


Will my password manager still work after this change? 

Yes, it will. Our new login page will still support password managers such as your browser’s password manager, Dashlane, 1Password, etc.


As an assigner how do I help my officials sign in? 

If your officials are having trouble signing in, you can resend them the welcome email which will give them the instructions they need. For more information on how to do this, you can read this article.

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