Where Did My Money Go? - Viewing Payments

***ArbiterSports and ArbiterPay are only software programs that schools and associations use for officials assignments and payments. If you are missing a payment, you have not received payment yet, or the amount should be different please contact your assigner/school who submitted the payment before calling ArbiterSports as we do not have the ability to pay you.

Step One: Link your ArbiterPay account with ArbiterSports

Before you can receive any payments in ArbiterPay, you must link your account with ArbiterSports. If you are expecting payment but have not received it yet, make sure your accounts are linked first. If a school/organization is trying to pay you but cannot do so because your accounts are not linked, please see the Linking ArbiterPay with ArbiterSports help article for further instructions. After you have linked your accounts, reach out to the school/organization in charge of paying you to notify them you are ready to receive payment.

Step Two: Check your transaction history

 If you have followed step one and verified that your ArbiterPay account is linked with ArbiterSports, but the school/organization in charge of payment says they've already paid you, follow this step to view your transactions and payments. You can use this information to see who has paid you, when they paid you, and for which games/events the payment is for. You can also see when you transferred your funds and by which payment method (to bank account EFT, by check, or to ArbiterPay Debit Card).
  1. Sign in to your ArbiterPay account on www.arbiterpay.com
  2. Click on your Account Number under the accounts tab.
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  1. Using the transaction details you will be able to see:
    1. Dates
    2. Times
    3. Game information
    4. Payment amount
    5. Processing/transaction fees


Step Three: Transfer to your bank

If you see you have received payment because you have a balance in your ArbiterPay account, you can transfer your funds to your bank. First, you need to add your bank information to your ArbiterPay profile or make sure you have the correct bank information. Please see the Adding a Bank Account in ArbiterPay help article, then you can refer to the How to Transfer ArbiterPay Funds (Bank Account) help article to transfer your funds to your personal bank account.


Step Four: I clicked transfer but I don't see the money in the bank

It can take up to 2 to 3 business day to transfer from ArbiterPay to your bank. Please see the transaction schedule below:

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