How To Update Your ArbiterOne License

Navigate to the License Page:
  1. Sign in to your ArbiterSports Admin account on
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click on the License sub-tab.
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  1. Under the Current License column, you will find what you are currently licensed for. Use the Updated License column to add to your license.
  2. Make any necessary changes in the Updated License column:
    1. To add Officials or Sub-Administrators, enter the new number of maximum users you wish to have.
    2. To add a feature, such as Payroll or Evaluations, check the box next to the desired feature.
  3. On the right side towards the bottom, click Calculate to see the totals adjust.
  4. To continue, click Verify.
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  1. If you plan to pay by ACH (Recommended), WIRE, or Check, click Print Invoice at the bottom and follow the payment instructions on the right side (also found below in this article). If you plan to pay by credit card, click Check Out at the bottom. ArbiterSports accepts all major credit cards.
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  1. Enter your credit card billing information and your credit card information. Click Confirm at the bottom.
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Pay by ACH (Recommended):
  • Bank: Silicon Valley Bank
  • Routing #: 121140399
  • Acct #: 3302236220
  • Include Invoice #

Pay by WIRE:
  • Bank: Silicon Valley Bank
  • Routing #: 121140399
  • Acct #: 3302236220
  • Include Invoice #

If Paying By Check:
  1. Click Print Invoice
  2. Make check payable to "ArbiterSports"
  3. Include Group Number in memo
  4. Mail your payment to:
    United States:
    235 W Sego Lily Dr. Suite 200
    Sandy, UT 84070
    ArbiterSports Inc.
    342 Gray's Road
    Hamilton, ON L8E 2Z2


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