Printing Reports (Pop-up Blocker Help)

Printing Reports (Overriding Pop-up Blocker)

The most common reason that a report will not print is that a pop-up blocker is enabled. The print preview screen acts as a pop-up and the pop-up blocker must therefore be overridden. Listed below are solutions for this with different internet browsers. These methods only correct the pop-up blocker from the browser. There may also be a pop-up blocker in any anti-virus or spyware software on your computer. You will need to turn off the pop-up blocker in those programs also. If you are unable to do so please contact those companies. We do not offer support for those programs.

Managing Pop-up blocker for different browsers

Internet Explorer 8 – From the browser menu (top right of the screen), click on Tools. Move your pointer to Pop-up Blocker (third option from the top). Let it hover there for a moment and a small window will appear to the left. Move there and click on Pop-up Blocker Settings. In the new window, there is a field that says, “Address of website to allow.” Click there and type As you type, it may attempt to auto-fill the field by using previous websites you’ve visited. If so, either keep typing normally or select ArbiterSports from the list. Now click the Add button. ArbiterSports will appear in the Allowed Sites field. Click the Close button (bottom right).

Mozilla Firefox – From the browser menu (top left of the screen), click on Tools. Click on Options… at the bottom of the window. Click on the Content tab. At the top of that window, click on the Exceptions… button next to the “Block pop-up windows” option. In the new window, there is a field that says, “Address of web site.” Click there, type and click Allow. ArbiterSports will appear in the Allowed Sites field. Click the Close button (bottom right).

SafariSafari Disclaimer: These instructions may differ slightly based on what operating system you are using, e.g. Windows or Mac. At the top right of the browser, click on the gear icon. In the window that opens, click on Block Pop-Up Windows. Before you click on it, there should be a check mark next to the words. After you click on it, the check mark should no longer be there. In Safari, blocking pop-ups is an all-or-nothing proposition. There currently is no option to make a list of sites that are allowed to use pop-ups.

Google Chrome – Go to the following link to learn how to allow pop-ups in Chrome:

Opera – From anywhere within the ArbiterSports site, move your mouse pointer to a blank area of a page and right-click. Move to the bottom of the menu that appears and click Edit Site Preferences. In the new window that opens, make sure you’re on the General tab. In the Site field, should appear. In the Pop-ups area, click on the drop-down menu and change it to “Open all pop-ups.” As this is a site-specific setting, it will only affect ArbiterSports.

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