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What is a Game Report?
Game Report Set-Up (For Assigners)

How Do I Complete a Game Report?

What is a Game Report?
A game report is the blue paper box to the right of the game number. The game report allows the lead official on a game to fill out the information about the game that was played. Details the official can fill out on the game report includes:

  • The team scores - The score of the home team and the away team.
  • The status of each official - If the officials were on time, no show, or late to officiate the game.
  • Comments - Enter any necessary comments about the game, teams, or officials.
  • Penalty Reports (if applicable) - If the assigning association has Penalty Reports for their officials to complete.
  • Forms (If applicable) - If the assigner requires their officials to fill out any forms on the game report.

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Game Report Set Up (For Assigners)
The lead official is determined on the assigner’s end under the Primary Admin Preferences. Follow the instructions below to determine which of your officials on a game is to fill out the game report:
1. In your Admin account, click on the Settings tab.
2. Click on the Preferences sub-tab.
3. See these preferences under the Primary Admin Section:

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Lead Official to Submit Game Report: The item selected from this drop-down menu will determine which official on the game will be considered the "Lead Official" that is required to submit the game report.  

  • VerifyThis selection will dictate the games and slots being verified or not once the report is submitted. Once the lead official submits the game report, the game will automatically be marked as verified if this Verify box is checked.
  • BoldBy selecting this option, the lead official on the game will be identified as the official whose name shows in bold font.

Allow Post-Game report notifications to officials on mobile: A post-game report notification is sent to the lead official 15 minutes after the game.

Allow Non-Lead Officials to View Game Report: This selection will determine whether officials other than the Lead Officials will have the ability to view submitted game reports.
Allow Contacts to View Game Report: This selection will determine whether the school contacts will have the ability to view the game report that
was submitted by the officials.

After the game has been played, the lead official can then sign into their account, go to the schedule tab, and will see a blue paper box appear next to the game. Click on the paper to fill out the game report.

These two screenshots below show what the game report looks like from the official's side:

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How Do I Complete a Game Report?

1. Enter the scores of the game.
2. Use the drop-down menu to select if the officials were on time, late, or a no show.
3. If applicable, complete any forms attached by the assigner. Note: It is possible that this is not required by your assigner. If you are not sure, please contact your assigner.
4. If applicable, complete the Penalty Form. Please confirm with your assigner if that is required for your officiating association.
5. Enter any comments about the game and click Save.

As soon as the game report is submitted, the paper will turn yellow signifying it is submitted and is pending approval by the assigner. The assigner will then go to the game, click on the game report icon on the far right side, and review the information filled out by the lead official. The assigner will then mark the game report as resolved/approved, and the game report will appear as green on both the assigner's end and the officials end.

These screenshots above and below show what the game report looks like on the assigner's end:

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