Why Can't I Assign Officials?

Steps for troubleshooting
Travel Limits
Inactive/Not Ready Officials
Game Counts

Steps for troubleshooting:

Follow these steps to determine why an official is not showing as ready to be assigned.
1. Under the Schedule tab, click Assign on the game in question.
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2. Click Issue Summary.
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3. In the Issues column, click on the error code next to the official.
4. Refer to the message that will show below it to determine exactly why the official is not available for assigning. The number identifies how many issues the assignment has, and the letters identify what the issue is. Some examples include game conflict, travel limit, date block, or rank. You can also refer to the Issue Legend located on the left side.
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Note: Some issues might be overridable. If the Assign options on the far right side (pending/published and Assign) are grayed out and you cannot click Assign, the issue needs to be resolved before the official can be assigned.
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The most common reason why assigners cannot assign officials is that each official needs to be ranked for each position name. For example, baseball might have a position as Home Plate, First Base, and Third Base. Each official needs to be ranked for these three positions separately. The official’s rank for each position must also be within the set rank range (100-999) that has been set for each position (this is done under Resources>>Sports>>Levels>>Positions). For example, if you have the Home Plate position’s rank set to low rank 100 to high rank 300, you must make sure the official in question is ranked 100-300 for that position.

If an official is not ranked for that sport/position, they will not show up even if you check under Issue Summary.

Click this link to see how to rank officials:
How to Rank Officials

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This is important if you are using eligibility in your Arbiter account. If your eligibility is set to provide an eligible status for a certain time frame, for example, October 2021 to October 2022, then your officials need to be added to that eligibility to show up for game assigning and the date range of that eligibility period needs to be up-to-date.
How to Use Eligibility

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A common reason why officials might not show as available to assign is due to a blocked date or a game conflict. If the official has set a block for the date of a particular game, or if the official is already accepted on a game that conflicts with the game you are trying to assign them to, then the official will not show as available to assign, although some blocks can be overridden when assigning.

Travel Limits:
Sometimes, officials will not show up as available to assigner because of an issue with travel limits. If you check an officials error code and it states “No leave
 city”, this means the official needs to enter their postal code under their travel limits (please refer to the Travel Limits section in this article for more information). The official must have the “set travel limits” permission to be able to do this. Otherwise, you as the assigner will need to update this (please see the Setting Travel Limits for Officials article).
If you check an official’s assigning error code and it states the official with exceed their travel limit, this means that the travel distance to the game exceeds the distance the official is willing to travel from their postal code.

Inactive/Not Ready Officials:
If an official is not marked as active, they cannot be assigned to games. If an official is marked as Not Ready to be Assigned, they will not show as available for assigning. To mark an official as active and ready to be assigned, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the People tab.
  2. Click the edit pencil next to the official in question.
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  1. In the bottom left-hand corner, check the box next to Ready and Active then click Save.
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If you know for a fact the official in question is ranked for the proper sport and position, but you still do not see them when you go to assign, it is possible that you are not scoped to see that official yet. As a primary admin, you can adjust this scope under People>Group Admins>Utilities>Scope. If you are a sub-admin, you will either need to contact your primary admin to adjust your scope for this official or you can adjust your own officials scope with the new permission called “Set scope for officials” for sub-admins (note this is a permission only given by the primary admin). If you have been given this permission, go to People>Group Admins>Utilities>Scope.

Game Counts:

There may be instances where you cannot assign an official because they have reached a maximum number of games. There are a few different settings under the official's profile and under the level settings for game limits that the assigner can place, as described below.

Level Settings:
Go to the Resources tab. Click the levels on the far right side next to the sport. Click the edit pencil next to the level in question. There are several settings here for game counts under the Assigning Related section such as Max Games, Days/Game (Days Per Game), Days/HTeam (Days Per Home Team), Days/VTeam (Days Per Visiting Team), Days/Partner (Days Per Partner), and Max Games/Team/Year (Max Games Per Team Per Year).

Go to the People tab and click the edit pencil next to the official. Scroll to the bottom under the Assigning Variables section, and you will see settings for Games Per Day, Games Per Week, and Total Games.


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