Import Officials

1. Go to and sign in to your admin account.
2. Click on the People tab.
3. Under the
Officials sub-tab, click Import on the left-hand side under the
Utilities section.
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4. Download an Excel import template (customized specifically for your group). Please re-download the official template for EACH import. This will ensure the template is compatible with the import.
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5. Click Enable Editing.
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6. Enter the officials' information onto the template.
a. The columns marked as "Required" need to be completed in order to import officials. The required columns are: Email address, first name, and last name.
Note: You can hover your mouse over the column headers for detail on which columns are required and what format is required.
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7. Save the Excel import template to your computer and return to the Officials Importer on
8. Click Browse and select the Officials Import Excel file from your computer.
9. Click Import.

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10. You will receive a confirmation message if the import was successful or if any officials failed to import.
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11. Click Download Failed List to view which officials failed to import. To see the reason why they failed to import, scroll to the far right side on the failed file. Below are examples of why officials could fail to import.
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  • Reached max officials – The number of officials you are trying to import is more than your license of maximum officials allowed. Contact our Renewals team to expand your license.
  • Official already exists – The official is already in your group.
  • Email invalid - the format of the email address entered on the import file is invalid.
  • First Name required
  • Last Name required


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