Troubleshooting Self-Assign

The steps below can help determine why games are not showing for officials to self-assign. It’s important to know that if there are any issues or conflicts for the official on the games (conflicts, travel limit issue, blocks etc.), then the self-assignable games will not show up.

1. Make sure the official has permission to self-assign games.
A. Go to the Users tab.
B. Click the edit pencil next to official’s name.
C. Click permissions on the left side under Tools.
D. Check the permission “Self-assign games” is checked.
E. Check the “within ‘X’ days” and “’X’ game sets per day” are set correctly, meaning the games the official is trying to self-assign is within the time frame of “within ‘X’ days”.
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2. Make sure that the slots on the game are marked as self-assign.
A. You can check the default by editing the position:
i. Go to the Assigning tab.
ii. Go to the sub-tab Sports/Levels.
iii. On the far right, click the levels for the sport.
iv. On the far right, click the positions for the level.
v. Click edit pencil next to the position.
vi. Check the self-assign box.

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B. You can for the game under the Assigning tab. slot the edit
(Note: All slots on the game must be marked self-assign only if each position chosen by the assigner is to be self-assignable.)
i. Go to the Assigning tab > sub-tab Games.
ii. Open the slots of the game.
iii. Click the edit pencil next to the slot.
iv. Make sure the “Self-assign” box is checked.
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3. Follow these steps if self-assignable games are still not showing:
Note: Self-assign will only show the next 50 available slots, NOT games.
A. Ask for a date that the official should be available.
B. On the assigner’s games and assignments page, find a game on that date with an open slot that is marked self-assign.
C. Try to assign the official.
i. If they do not show up on under available officials, select issue summary.
ii. Issue summary will tell why the official cannot see that game to be self-assigned.
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