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Frequently with linked games you will want to rotate the officials on games so that you do not have the same officials working the same position on each game in the linked set. When you do this, there are a few setting that need to be checked.

First, you will want to check the positions by editing the Sport.

  1. Click on the Resources tab. You will be automatically directed to the Sport/Levels sub-tab.
  2. Click on the edit pencil for the sport that you are working with.
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  1. Next to the Positions Names in Sport, there are a few options with check boxes including "In Rotation." To change this setting, click the edit pencil next to the position.
  2. Check the box under “In Rotation.” The position can only be rotated with this box checked. Make sure at least two positions are marked In Rotation, otherwise the system will have nothing to rotate.

With your positions set, you can now rotate your slots. There are two ways to do this: manually rotating the slots or using Auto Rotate.



  1. Go to the Schedule tab.
  2. Go to the game in question and open the slots by clicking on the slots number on the right-hand side.
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  1. With the slots open, you will see arrows pointing up and down on the left side of the positions.
  2. Click on one of the arrows to rotate the officials on the game in the direction of that arrow. Do this until the officials are in the slot you want them to be in.
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Auto Rotate

  1. Go to the Schedule tab.
  2. Filter for the games you wish to rotate. Please refer to this help article for further assistance on Filtering Games.
  3. Once you have filtered your games, you will want to make sure the games are linked. The auto rotate will only rotate linked games. If you are not sure how to link games, please refer to this help article on Linking Games.
  4. With the games filtered and linked, check the boxes to select all of the games you wish to rotate the slots.
  5. Click Auto Rotate on the left side under Utilities.
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  1. The next screen will allow you to choose if you want to rotate your officials up or down. Keep in mind if you only have 2 officials it will not matter.
    1. Up: Moves the official in the second slot to the first, the official in the third to second, and the official in the first going to third slot.
    2. Down: Moves the official in the first slot to the second, the official in the second to the third, and the third official going to the first slot.
  2. Click Begin AutoRotate on the right side.
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  1. When that is completed, you can view the changes under the results section.


If you have any trouble with rotating officials, here are some common reasons that you may have a problem:

  1. None of the slots are marked ‘In Rotation’. (It will show the rotate options but no slots will rotate).
  2. Travel for any slot cannot be marked paid.
  3. None of the slots can be verified.
  4. The date for a paid game fee on any slot can’t be in the past.
  5. One or more official is not ranked for a slot they are being rotated into.


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