Step 3: How Do I Accept or Decline Games?

Accepting or Declining Games
Why can't I accept to decline my games?
Turning Back Assignments

Accepting or Declining Games

  1. Click the Schedule tab.
  2. Select List View from the display menu on the left side of the page. (Note: This is the only display where you can accept/decline games.)
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  1. Published games will have an “Accept” and “Decline” box to the far right of the game information.
  2. Check either the box for “Accept” or the box for “Decline,” depending on which action you wish to take.
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  3. Click either of the “Submit” buttons, located at the top and bottom of the schedule page.
  4. If you decline an assignment, you may be required to enter a comment explaining why you declined it.
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(Note: Some assigners do not grant permission for officials to decline assignments on their own.  If you cannot decline a game, contact your assigner, and request that they remove you from the game themselves.)

When you decline a game, the person who assigned you to the game will receive an email notification, and a soft block will be placed for the day and time of the game you declined.

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Above is an example of a soft block placed on an official's blocks calendar when a game is declined. If you click on the day of the calendar, you will be able to see the block details below the calendar. Note: if you need this block removed, only the assigner who assigned you the game in which you declined can clear this block.

Why can't I accept to decline my games?

ArbiterSports receives several calls a month because officials are unable to accept or decline their games. Some officials can see their games on the calendar but no option to accept or decline. Try these solutions:

  1. Click on the Schedule tab.
  2. Click on List View under the display section.
  3. Filter for Future Games.
  4. Make sure you have All groups selected.
  5. Click Apply Filter.
  6. Once complete, see the instructions above to learn how to accept/decline your games.
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Turning Back Assignments

Some assigners allow officials to remove themselves from games after they have already accepted the assignment. If your assigner has granted you this permission, you will see a “Turnback Assignment” link in the status bar for your assignment, located to the far right of the game information. To turn back an assignment:

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1. ClickTurnback Assignment.”
2. Enter in a comment explaining why you need to turn back the assignment.
3. Click Turnback.

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Are you looking for further assistance with your schedule filters and settings? Click the link below.
How Do I View My Schedule?


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