How to Reset Your Arbiter Pay PIN

Users can easily change their PIN directly on their Arbiter account.

You no longer need to log in on or spend time calling our Customer Support Team for help with resetting your PIN. This change can be made under the Accounts section on the Payments tab (Payroll if you’re an assigner or school).

Follow the instructions below to reset your Arbiter Pay PIN:
  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Go to the Payments tab (or the Payroll tab for assigners and schools), then go to the Accounts sub-tab where it shows your Arbiter Pay account.
  3. Click on the gear settings icon next to Accounts on the left side.
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  1. Click Update on the far-right side next to “Update your PIN.”
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  1. You will be prompted to enter your current PIN, but if you don’t remember what that is, click on the “Forgot PIN?” link.
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  1. To reset your PIN, you will be asked to confirm your identity by providing a verification code, which can either be sent to the mobile phone number or the email address that is listed on your Arbiter account profile.
  2. Select your preferred method to send the code.
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Important Note: the option to send the verification code via text message only appears if you have a mobile phone number with the carrier listed on your profile. Otherwise, you will only have the option to send a verification code to the email address listed on the profile.
  1. A confirmation message will appear, “Verification code was generated,” and you will be prompted to enter the code. If the code does not come through, click Resend Code. Please note, the code expires after one hour.
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  1. After you submit the verification code, enter a new 4-digit PIN, confirm your new PIN, and click Submit.
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You will receive a confirmation message on screen and an email notification when your PIN is successfully updated.
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The ability to reset your Arbiter Pay PIN in also available in almost every area of the system where you’re prompted to enter your PIN.

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This includes when…
  • Linking Arbiter Pay with ArbiterSports
  • Adding a bank account
  • Transferring funds from Arbiter Pay to a bank account
  • Updating PIN (on the Edit Account page)
  • Updating automatic transfer settings (for Officials only, on the Edit Account page)

Below shows the text and email message you should receive:

Text message:
Your confirmation code is (code shown here). Please enter this code on the authentication page on ArbiterSports website to verify your identity.

Email Message: (sent from
If you requested a change to your PIN, use the code below to complete the process. If you did not make this request, please let us know immediately at

(Code shown here)

The ArbiterSports Team


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