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How Do I Get Access To My Schedule?

If you are not an existing member with a specific assigning group or organization, you will not be able to register yourself as we do not have an open registration process available (unless you are associated with NCAA or NAIA). You will need to be added to the organization by the organization's administrator as a user to access the system and your schedule. If you happen to know any information about this group that we can use to reference them, we can get you in contact with the assigner to add your in their roster of users.

Useful information to reference an assigner or organization:

  • Organization name (Ex: NCAA Women's Basketball) or 6-digit group ID
  • Assigner's full name and/or email address
  • The name and/or email address of a fellow school/team contact
  • The name and/or email address of a current official who works with that assigner

With this information, we can do the research in our database to find out which assigner you need to contact so they can add you to their roster of users in their group.  Simply send us the aforementioned information to with the request, and a brief description of what account access you need, and your school/team name so they can also connect your account to view those schedules.

If you are already a register member of ArbiterSports and are looking for assistance with viewing your schedule, please see the appropriate articles below.

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Schools/Team Contacts:
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