Updating Your Profile in ArbiterOne

Navigating to the Profile Page
User Identification and Email address
Phone Numbers and Address
Other Information (SSN/EIN, Date of Birth, etc.)
Security Questions and Password
Account and Status
Preferences and Sharing

Navigating to the Profile Page

  1. Sign in to your account on www.arbitersports.com and select any one of your groups as an official.
  2. Click on the Profile tab.
  3. By default, you should be directed to the Information sub-tab.
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User Identification and Email Address


  1. Update your first, middle, last name, and a suffix (if you use one - e.g., “Sr.”, “III,” “Esq.”, etc.). 
    1. Please note: If the boxes are grayed out and there is a green check mark on the right side next to your last name, this means your information is verified as a match with your SSN/EIN, and it cannot be changed.
    2. If you do need to update your name due to a legal name change, please contact our support staff. Contact Us
  2. Click either Save buttons, which are located at the top and bottom of the profile page.
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Email Address

The email address listed on your profile page serves as your ArbiterSports username (what you use to sign into your account).

  1. To change your email,  click on the red "X" on the right side to delete your current email address.
  2. Enter your new email address.
    1. For notification purposes, you can add additional email addresses by clicking the Green Plus button in the upper-right corner of the Email Address section.
  3. Click the Save button directly below the email box.

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Phone Numbers and Address

Include any relevant information to help your assigner, other officials, and contacts reach you by phone.

  1. To add your phone numbers, click the Green Plus sign in the upper-right corner of the phone numbers box.
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  1. Enter your information. To save changes to your phone information, click the Save button directly below the phone numbers section.
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  1. To delete a phone number, click the Red “X” icon to the far right of the phone number information.
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  • Ext – If your phone number is for the front desk at your work, you can include an extension so others can reach your direct line.
  • Type – Indicate whether your phone number is a work number, home, cell, fax, or other.
  • Carrier – For ArbiterMobile subscribers, please make sure that you include your cellular service provider in the “Carrier” drop-down menu so that ArbiterSports can send your game notifications via text.*
  • Public – when checked, your phone number will be visible to officials and contacts who look up your information in their directories
  • Note – Include instructions for when others try to contact you at this number. For example, “Work phone – do not call after 5 pm.”
  • Test – For cell phones, you can click on the cell phone icon be sent a test text from ArbiterSports.*


Updating Your Address

This information is used by ArbiterSports to calculate travel distances to and from games.

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  1. To make your address visible to other uses besides your assigner, check the “(Public to other officials and contacts)” box, located in the upper-right corner of the address box.
  2. Travel Limits – ArbiterSports determines your travel distance to and from game sites by your postal code. If your assigner has given you permission to update your travel limits, there will be a check-box located to the right of your Postal Code field. To update your starting postal code for distance calculation, enter in your new postal code, check the box “Update travel limits,” and click any of the “Save” buttons, located at the top and bottom of the Profile page.
  3. After making changes, click either of the Save buttons located at the top and the bottom of the profile page.


Other Information

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  • Official Number – If your organization uses a member ID number, enter it here.
  • SSN – Your Social Security Number is required for payment and registration purposes. Once entered, the number can only be viewed by a paying administrator, and only the last four digits are visible by default (with exception to printing payment vouchers).
    • If this is gray and you see a green check mark on the right side of your SSN, it has been verified, and you're ready to go for 1099s.
  • TIN – If you wish to include a Tax Identification Number for your business, you must enter your company name in the Business Name field located above the EIN box.
    • If this is gray and you are unable to edit, your TIN has been verified and ready to go for 1099s.
  • Report Taxes As - Select if you want your taxes reported under your SSN or EIN.
  • Date of Birth – You must enter the date in the format mm/dd/yyyy. You may also click on the calendar icon on the right to select the date from the calendar list.
  • When you have finished updating your information, click either of the Save buttons located at the top and bottom of the profile page.

Security Questions and Password
Security questions are used to better secure your account and can be used as user identity verification for resetting your password.
  1. To reset your security questions, go to the bottom of the profile page and click the Reset Security Questions button.
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  1. Follow the prompts of setting up two security questions.
    1. When setting the answers for your security questions, avoid using spaces or punctuation.
  2. When you have finished setting up your two security questions, click Save Answers, and you will be redirected to your profile.

  1. To change your ArbiterSports password, click on the Password sub-tab located at the top of the profile page.
  2. Enter your current password.
    1. If you do not remember your current password or cannot get it correct, please see this article: Forgot Password
  3. Enter your new password and confirm new password.
    1. Be sure that caps lock is off as passwords are case sensitive.
    2. Password requirements: Must be at least 7 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number.
  4. Click Change.
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Please see this article for instructions on changing your profile picture: How Do I Change My PIcture

Account and Status

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  • Phones: This is a secondary location where you can manage your phone numbers.
  • Custom Fields - If your assigner uses customer fields, you can view/edit the custom fields here.
    • Some fields might not be editable if the assigner has not allowed the official to edit or view.
  • Old Registration - You can view your past registrations with your assigning groups.
  • Message Center - You can check our email provider to see if your email address is on our "Blocked" list if you are not receiving game email notifications.
    • Click Check Status.
    • If your status comes back as OK, you are not blocked.
    • If your status comes back as Blocked, click the Unblock Email button.

Status: Check the Ready box if you are ready to receive game assignments from your assigner.

Preferences and Sharing

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  • Time Zone: Select the Time Zone you are in.
  • Page Size: When viewing grids of data, such as your schedule or the contact information page of other users, this value is used to determine how many rows are visible at a time.
  • Date Range: Used to only show data that is within your season.
  • Default Printing Format: Used to print a report with this format.

Here you can select what game information you want to share with specific assigners.
Please see this article for more information: Sharing Game Infor Across Multiple Groups


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