Declined Reason Code

Codes 0-199 indicate that a transaction request was successfully sent to a cardholder’s issuing bank and ProtectPay® received a response.  
Code Message Status
0 Success Processed
1 Credit card company has blocked the transaction Decline
3 Invalid merchant Decline
4 Do not honor – Capture card Decline
5 Do not honor – Call bank Decline
6 Customer block on recurring payment Decline
7 Customer block on all recurring payments Decline
8 Honor with ID Approve
9 Unpaid items on customer account prevent transaction Decline
10 Duplicate check number Decline
11 MICR error Decline
12 Invalid transaction Decline
13 Referral Decline
14 Invalid card number Decline
15 Invalid issuer Decline
16 Refund attempt on card never charged Decline
17 Amount greater than limit Decline
18 Too many checks –limit on checks written from this account Decline
19 Re enter transaction Decline
20 Issuing bank offline Decline
21 Failed AVS check Decline
22 Try again Decline
23 Void error Decline
24 Incorrect expiration date Decline
25 Invalid terminal Decline
26 Credit error Decline
27 A fraud filter has blocked this transaction Decline
28 A fraud filter has marked this transaction as needing review Decline
29 Issuing bank has timed out Decline
30 Format error on amount Decline
41 Lost card Decline
43 Stolen card Decline
51 Insufficient funds/over credit limit Decline
52 No such checking account Decline
54 Expired card Decline
55 Invalid PIN Decline
57 Transaction not permitted to issuer/cardholder Decline
58 Transaction not permitted to acquirer/terminal Decline
61 Exceeds withdrawal limit Decline
62 Restricted card Decline
63 Security violation Decline
65 Exceeds withdrawal limit count Decline
75 Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded Decline
76 Invalid/nonexistent "To Account" specified Decline
77 Invalid/nonexistent "From Account" specified Decline
78 Invalid/nonexistent account specified (general) Decline
80 Invalid date Decline
82 CVV data is not correct Decline
83 Cannot verify the PIN Decline
84 Invalid authorization life cycle Decline
85 Not declined Approve
93 Cannot complete the transaction.  If a retail sale, have customer contact bank. Decline
94 Duplicate transaction Decline
96 System Error Decline
98 Approved for lesser amount  Consult Merchant account provider.
100 Generic Decline Decline**
199 Decline – ProtectPay® is unable to parse the response by cardholder bank but will not settle the transaction. Decline
The following codes indicate that ProtectPay® was able to successfully submit a transaction to your merchant account provider but that your merchant account provider was unable or unwilling to pass the transaction over the credit card processing networks for some reason.  
Code Message Status
200 Authentication error Error
201 Invalid argument error Error
204 System of record account status error Error
206 Unsupported transaction request, or request cannot be processed due to transaction state Error
207 Internal system error Error
214 Invalid destination account Error
223 Duplicate transaction Error
224 Amount exceeds single transaction limit Error
225 Amount exceeds monthly transaction limit Error
226 Invalid track data Error
230 Merchant not authorized Error
The following codes indicate that ProtectPay® was unable to submit a transaction to your merchant account provider.  These messages include both internal system messages and those which are produced by an unwillingness of a gateway to attempt the transaction.
Code Message Status
300 Authentication error Error
301 Invalid argument error Error
302 Invalid invoice number Error
303 Generic system decline Error
304 System of record account status error Error
305 Invalid track data Error
306 Unsupported transaction request Error
307 Internal system error Error
308 Invalid credit card Error
309 Insufficient payment methods Error
310 Unsupported currency code Error
311 Invalid argument error ‘{0}’ on ‘{1}’ Error
312 Address validation error Error
313 ID validation error Error
314 Account validation error Error
315 Payment Method validation error Error
316 Call failed for an unspecified reason Error
317 Duplicate Account Number Found Error
318 Country code not supported Error
319 Argument format error Error
320 Argument required error Error
321 Invalid password Error
322 Latest EULA not signed Error
326 Invalid track data Error
330 Unauthorized request Error
The following are reserved responses when your merchant account is ProPay.  Each indicates that ProtectPay® was unable to submit the transaction to ProPay’s system.
Code Message Status
542 Invalid destination account Error
544 Amount formatted incorrectly for ProPay Error
551 Invalid transaction number or transaction unable to be processed due to funding or account balance Decline
561 Amount exceeds single transaction limit Decline
562 Amount exceeds monthly volume limit Decline
567 Unauthorized service requested Error
568 Account not affiliated Decline

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