Why Haven't I Received My Payment?

Please read the following if you have not received funds to your ArbiterPay account:
The paying administrator has not issued the payment.
ArbiterPay facilitates the process by which officials can be paid electronically, but we do not issue any payments. The paying administrator (the assigner, school, league, or whoever pays the officials) needs to submit the payment. If there are no transactions in your ArbiterPay account, then the paying administrator has not submitted payment yet.
If you see a paysheet that is yellow and has no check number (while signed into your ArbiterOne account under the Payments tab), then you have not been paid yet. Please contact the paying administrator for further questions regarding this.

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Please read the following if you have not received funds from your ArbiterPay account:
Your ArbiterSports and ArbiterPay accounts are not linked.
To receive payment from the paying administrator, your ArbiterSports and ArbiterPay accounts must be linked together. If the accounts are not linked, then the paying administrator will be prohibited from issuing payment to your ArbiterPay account. Click the following link for instructions on how to link your ArbiterSports and ArbiterPay accounts.
The Transaction is still pending. Electronic Fund Transfers can take two to three days to be processed and released by the bank. If you transfer your funds by mailing a check, then it can take up to ten business days to receive that check.
To view the status of your transaction:
  1. Log into the ArbiterPay account
  2. Click on the Accounts tab
  3. Click on the 10-digit account number
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  1. Locate the Transactions section
  2. Locate the Date/Time of the transfer transaction
  3. Follow the desired row to the right side of the page
  4. Locate the Status of the transfer transaction
    1. Executed
    2. Pending
    3. Cancelled
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Your bank account information or your mailing address is incorrect. If you
entered an incorrect account or routing number, the bank may reject the transfer
request. In turn, your ArbiterPay account may be charged a $5.00 ACH rejection fee.
If you request a check and have an incorrect mailing address, then the check may get
lost in the mail, and you may be charged a $25.00 Stop Payment Fee to cancel the
check and have those funds returned to the ArbiterPay account.
A quick review of your profile information may save you time and money. Click on
the links below to make sure that the information is accurate.
Adding/Editing Bank Accounts in ArbiterPay
How to Cancel a Mailed Check

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  • Comment author
    Robert DuBois

    Haven't got pay since 2 weeks. It should be 2-3 days. 

  • Comment author
    Joseph Anthony

    My assigner has not found my account so I haven't received any funds yet and I need to know why?


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