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How to Claim a Game
Claim Game FAQs

How to Claim a Game:
  1. Sign into your school account on
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  1. Go to the Schedule tab.
  2. On schedule, go to the game that is not showing up for payment.
  3. Click on the jersey icon on the right side of the game to open the officials. You can see the assigner's information listed above the officials who are scheduled on the game, as well as you can see who the payor of the game is.
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  1. If your school is paying the officials for this game, your school should be listed as the payor. If you see the payor is shown to be another school, the assigner, or "No Payor Set," click the blue Claim button to make your school the payor. Click "OK" to confirm you want to claim the game as the payor.
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When you click Claim, the system will change the payor (Bill-To) on the game to be your school, you will see that the blue “Claim” button will change to “Unclaim,” and the payment voucher will show up to print.

  • Note: Only click Unclaim if your school will NOT be responsible for paying the officials for that game. By clicking Unclaim, the system will remove your school as the game’s payor (Bill-To). If you accidentally clicked Unclaim and removed your school as the payor, simply click Claim to set your school as the payor again.

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There are three options with the claim game feature: Unclaim, Claim, and Paid.
  1. Unclaim - Clicking Unclaim removes your school as the game's payor indicating that your school is not responsible for paying the officials. If the Unclaim option is shown next to the payor of the game, this indicates your school is listed as the payor and is responsible for paying the officials.
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  1. Claim - If the Claim option is shown next to the payor of the game, this indicates your school is not the payor of the game. You can click Claim to make your school the payor to be able to pay the officials.
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  1. Paid - This indicates the officials have already been paid for the game by the payor listed.
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Claim a Game FAQs:

  • My school is shown as the payor of a game, but the officials are not showing on my payments screen and the payment voucher is not showing up.
      • If all of the officials on the game are marked as "Not Paid" on the assigner's end, the officials will not show up on the school's end to pay. If this is the case, the school would need to contact the assigner to mark the officials as "Paid by Bill-To" in order for the officials to show upon the school's end to pay.
    • One or more of the officials on a game are missing on the payments screen.
      • Reach out to your assigner to make sure all the correct officials are assigned on the game, and to make sure all of the officials are marked as "Paid by Bill-To."
    • What if the opponent is responsible to pay the officials but my school is shown as the game's payor?
      • Your school could Unclaim the game to remove yourselves as the payor, but unclaiming a game is not required in order for your opponent to be able to claim the game. Whether or not your school unclaims the game, your opponent can Claim the game on their end to make themselves the payor. Also, the assigner still has the capability to modify the Bill-To (payor) of the game. 


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