Student Registration - Emailing Registrants in Bulk or Individually

Sending a bulk email to a group of registrants is a handy way to make sure all of your participants have the most up-to-date information about the details of your program. You can send a bulk email to any group of registrants directly from your registration list or report. You can even assign the 'From' and 'Reply-To' settings to any of the users on your Arbiter organization account.

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Sending a bulk email to a group of registrants

You can send individual or bulk emails from either the Registration Table for your Program or from within a Report.

  1. To send from the Registration Table, from the Programs tab, select a program's FILLED number to see all the registrations for that program.

You can also hover over the FILLED number to locate an individual section you wish to email from.

2. From the Reports tab, select the Registrations option from the dropdown menu.  Choose Table View to see the registrations in the report you would like to email from. 


3. You'll see a checkbox to the left of each registration on the list. Select the checkbox next to at least one registration to present the  Edit/Email Selected window. You can email as few as one registration, up to all registrations per page. To select all registrations on the page (up to 100), select the checkbox in the top-left corner of the table. Once you've selected registrations, click on the EMAIL button in the window.



4. Enter your email's subject in the Message Subject box and select the user you'd like the email to come from by tapping the drop-down arrow at the right end of the From: box. By tapping the drop-down arrow at the right end of the Reply To: box, you may select the user to whom you wish will receive replies to the email you are about to send. Manually type your message, or create and use a  Saved Message.


How to select and use Saved Messages:



5. Once you are finished, tap the blue  Send button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Edit/Email Selected box.




Viewing the log of emails associated with a registration


1. To view the sent emails associated with a registration, select the down arrow next to View and choose ACTIVITY.


2. Toggle over to EMAILS. You'll see who sent the email as well as the date and time. To view the email, click the subject line of your email which will be presented as a blue hyperlink. In the example below, it is the blue words Practice is canceled.




3. You'll see a copy of the actual Email sent appear in a pop-up window. To close the window, click the X in the top right-hand corner.




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