Using The ArbiterPay Pre-Paid Card At A Gas Station

If you use your ArbiterPay pre-paid card to purchase gas at the pump, you may see that the station has placed a hold on your card for an amount between $25 and $100.  This is because the pump is accepting your debit card transaction without requesting a PIN number, so the company places a hold on your card’s funds to prevent any possible loss due to fraud.  Once the company can confirm that your card has sufficient funds (usually no more than 72 hours later), the hold will be removed, the exact amount of the gas will be deducted, and the rest of your money will be available for other purchases.

To avoid these holds, pay for your gas at the counter.  The cashier can process the payment with your PIN number, and verify your balance immediately without having to place a hold on your funds.

If you have any additional questions about the card please reach out to Rapid Financial at 877-592-1118

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