Student Registration Manually Customizing the Translations for Your Organization's Programs

How to Manually Customize the Translations for Your Organization's Programs

Adding Languages to your Programs is an optional feature. By enabling the Language feature, families will be able to view all of your programs and registration forms in the Language of your choosing. Content that is native to FamilyID, including headings and standard fields, will be automatically translated. 

For your custom content, we now offer a brand new interface for storing your custom translations. Your custom content includes:

  • Your program description
  • Your sections and section options
  • Your add-ons
  • Your custom fields
  • Your policies and agreements
  • Your payment and refund instructions
  • And more!

A new feature added to FamilyID is translating all your custom content using Google Cloud Translation. You can now choose to translate your organization's custom information, such as  LocationsLinksContacts, etc., on your Landing Page and Programs using this feature.

Helpful hint: If you want families to answer your questions in English, make sure to let them know!  Stay tuned…FamilyID is working on adding more languages

To manually customize the translation for your programs, login to FamilyID and select Organization from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.
On the left, select  Languages.
Your programs will need to be translated one at a time. To the right of the  Program you wish to translate, select the  Translate button, or select the area of the Program you wish to translate by utilizing the drop-down arrow to the right of the  Translate button and making a selection from the options presented. Selecting ' Translate itself, will bring you to the first step in the translation wizard, Program Details.

Once in the Program Details section (or wherever you may have jumped ahead to), on the left side of your screen you will see the original English content (Program Name, Description, Section Instructions, etc), and on the right side are boxes provided for you to provide your custom translations for the content. Type in the translation for every piece of content you wish to be available to your viewers. If you leave a Translation: box empty, the viewer will see the original English content.
Once you reach the bottom of this page and your translations are complete, select the blue Save button to save your work or the blue  Save and Continue button to save your work and move to the next page in the wizard and continue translations on your Program. Note that if you wish to jump ahead, and out of the wizard's sequence, you have that option as well by selecting a page number at the bottom of your screen. (Don't forget to click Save first though!)
Continue translating your content on each page, being sure to select  Save or  Save and Continue at the bottom to move to the next section.
Once completing the final page of the wizard, 'Translate: Payment Methods, selecting  Save and Continue will bring you back to the main Languages page.

From here, if you wish to see a  Preview of what your Program looks like in an alternate language, select the name of the  Program you wish to review, 

then select  the language you would like to preview  in the top right of your screen.
Review your work and select  Close in the top right when finished and ready to return to English.

After reviewing your work and closing your Preview screen you are returned to the main Languages page. From here, if you wish to make edits, simply select the  Translate button to the right of your  Program name again, navigate to the area you need to update, and repeat the same steps as above. Please note that if you make any updates or changes to your Program in English since your original translation, you will see a yellow banner and flag alerting you to check your translation and update if necessary.
Once you have reviewed your work and you are ready for the translations to go live, so that your families may now see them, you must select  the language of your choice to the right of  Translate Program Content.

You may wish to also select  Request Answers in English. Utilizing this option will cause a banner to be shown to families viewing the program in the languages you have provided translations for, directing them to provide their answers in English. After you have made your selections, make sure to select the blue  Save button in the bottom right of your screen to save your preferences.
PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you translate all of your Programs before selecting the language next to Translate Program Content, as once this option is engaged, all changes and updates will appear live as you save them. 

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