Scheduling a Tournament

A Tournament can be multiple games against multiple opponents on multiple days.

Adding a Tournament
Editing a Tournament

Adding a Tournament
  1. Sign into your school's ArbiterGame account on
  2. Click on the Schedule tab.
  3. Click Add New and select New Tournament.
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  1. Enter the Tournament Name.
  2. From the Host Entity drop-down menu, select who is hosting the tournament.
  3. Select the Start and End date.
  4. Select the Sport and Level (once saved, the sport and level cannot be edited).
  5. Select if an assigner is going to be assigning officials for the tournament.
    1. If yes, use the drop-down box to select the specific assigner this comes from the default assigner on your teams page.
  6. Add any participation fees (if applicable).
  7. Click Create Tournament.
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  1. Once you click Create Tournament, an additional section will appear.
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  1. Click Add Site and add the site and sub-site from the drop-down menus (you can add additional Sites by repeating these steps).
  2. Click Add Team(s).
    1. Check the box next to the teams associated with the tournament and click save.
  1. Click Add Game(s). A pop-up box will appear.
    1. Select the date of the game(s).
    2. Select the site of the game(s).
    3. Select the number of games to create.
    4. Select the time of the first game.
    5. Select the Game duration.
    6. Select the number of officials required.
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  1. Click the edit pencil next to the games to add the home and away teams.
  2. Click Save TournamentUser-added image

Editing a Tournament

1. Sign into your school's ArbiterGame account.
2. Click on the Schedule tab.
3. Filter for the tournament in question.
4. Click on the tournament to edit.
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5. On the Edit Tournament page, you can modify the tournament information (sport and level cannot be changed), Participation Fee, Sites, Teams, and Games.
i. To edit games, click on the edit pencil on the far right side next to the game. User-added image
6. When you are done editing the tournament, click Save Tournament at the bottom of the edit page.
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