Student Registration - Cloning Reports

1. Log in to Arbiter Registration and hover over the 'REPORTS' tab and click 'REGISTRATIONS' at the top of the screen.


2. Locate the report you want to clone, and select the down arrow next to the 'TABLE VIEW' button. Then select 'CLONE'.


3. Update the name of the report by erasing "Copy 1' and updating the name.


4. Select a new filter by clicking 'Select a Filter' in the grey box. To edit the filter(s) for your report, click the blue pencil in the filter box.
  • Programs and Sections
  • Program Add-ons
  • Registration date
  • Payment Status
  • Approval Status
  • Registrant Name
  • Invitation Status
  • Internal Fields


For the 'Programs and Sections' filter make your selections and click 'SAVE'.

Here's an example of the 'Programs and Sections' filter which will lead you to your program titles.


5. Share the report with one or more recipients by clicking on the 'SHARE ACCESS TO THIS REPORT' checkbox and entering the information requested. Those you've authorized to view the report will receive an email granting them access. If you choose to send periodic emails, the email will be generated and sent via email between 4 am and 6 am EST to the recipient email addresses.  

You also have the ability to allow them to make any internal registration data change. This includes approval, payment and registration statuses and internal fields.

You may also choose to allow them to message the FamilyID account owners. This will let them email the participants in their report you have shared with them.


6. Click 'SAVE & VIEW' to save and preview your report. 


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