Why Can't I see Officials to Pay?

Troubleshooting for Schools
Troubleshooting for Assigners


Troubleshooting for Schools
Before a school can pay officials, there are two things the assigner must set up on the games to allow the officials to show up for payment. The proper school’s Bill-To must be set on the game, and the officials must be marked as Paid by Bill-To.

There is an easy way schools can identify whether or not a game is set correctly by the assigner in order for the officials to show up for payment.
1. In your school's account, go to the Schedule tab.
2. Click on the official jersey icon on the game to view the officials. You can see the assigner's information listed above the officials who are scheduled on the game, as well as you can see who the payor of the game is. Your school should be listed as the payor if you will be paying the officials. If you see the payor is shown to be another school, the assigner, or "No Payor Set," click the blue Claim button to make your school the payor. Click "OK" to confirm you want to claim the game as the payor. Learn more about the payor claim feature here: Claim a Game for Payment
3. Another indicator that the game is correctly setup for the school to pay is you should see “Print Voucher” in the lower right-hand corner of the game below the officials.
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If you do not see the Print Voucher option:
i. Make sure it is a home game.
ii. Contact your assigner and say that the officials on the game in question needs to be marked as Paid by Bill-To. Feel free to email the link below to your assigner if they need further assistance.  How to Set Up Schools with ArbiterPay

Tip: Not sure who the assigner is? The assigner's name is listed on the game above the assigned officials. You can click on the assigner's name for their contact information.
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Troubleshooting for assigners:

1. Correct Bill-To set-up:
  • In your admin account, go to the Schedule tab. Click the edit pencil next to the game in question, and make sure the correct Bill-To is entered in the bottom left corner.

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  • Make sure there are no duplicate entries for the same Bill-To by going to the Resources tab, click on the Bill-Tos sub-tab, and check that there are no duplicate entries.
2. Mark officials "Paid by Bill-To":
  • Under the Schedule tab, go to the game in question. Open the slots to view the officials on the game and make sure they are marked as "Paid by Bill-To" instead of "Not Paid." The official will not show up for payment if they are marked "Not Paid."
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To change the official(s) from "Not Paid" to "Paid by Bill-To"
  1. Click on the edit pencil next to the official position.
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  1. Check the "Paid by Bill-To" box and click save.

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That's it! For more information such as how to mass update the Bill-To to multiple games, setting up Bill-To defaults to save you time in the future, and to see more information about setting schools up to pay officials with ArbiterPay, please click here: How to Set Up Schools With ArbiterPay


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