Student Registration - Creating Section Options

Section Options are a way for an organization to add different alternatives for each of the Sections in a Program. Organizations can use Section Options in various ways, such as creating different team levels (like Varsity and JV) for sports. They are also able to add discounts when registering for a specific section, one such example being for early (or multiple) registration(s) from a family.

Sections Options include additional features to add when created like if a Section Option is automatically applied, has an eligibility requirement, or can only be accessed during certain dates.

Note: There is also a Keep Hidden option, which will allow you to keep your Section Option available only for your organization. Families and participants will be unable to see this section option if you select this field



To create a Section Option:

1. Log in to your Arbiter Registration organization account (formerly FamilyID) and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

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2. Click the Edit button associated with the program you would like to add the section option.


3. Click tab 2, Sections.


4. Select the down arrow next to the Edit button associated with the section you would like to add the section option to and select CREATE NEW OPTION.


5. Input the information for your section option. Section options can be used for things like early registration discounts or late fees. Once you have input all your info, click Save.


Example of a Section Option: Team Levels

In order to create Section Options for team levels such as Varsity and JV, you can add each level as its own alternative and add them under a single sport/section. 



6. To use the Section Option, simply go to the participant's registration via a report, registration list, or registration go to the section and select the section option you would like to place them in. Choose  Save.


Notes: To use Section Options for an early registration discount or for a late fee you'll want to utilize the Automatically Applied and Active Dates checkboxes. If both of these are checked off, the section option is automatically selected as long as it falls within the dates specified. Once you click the Active Dates box, start and end date fields appear.

To offer an early registration discount of 10% to those who register for a certain period of time, select and enter the information below. Select % Percentages above, name the option, and place a negative sign before the amount. Use the + to save the alternative. If a participant registers within the active dates you set, they will automatically have the discount applied to their balance.

Late fees work the same way. Just do not place a negative sign before the amount.


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