Student Registration Notification Emails for Programs

NOTE: You can also change your email notification preferences at the Organization level. If you'd like to assign an email address to receive ALL notification emails for ALL Programs: (for example any registrations created, updated and canceled, etc.), please refer to this help article: Setting Up Notification Emails at the Organization Level.

Adjust notification email preferences for Program(s):

1. Log in to your Arbiter Registration account (formerly known as FamilyID) and select Programs from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

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2. Click the Edit button next to the Program you wish to edit.

3. This will bring you to the  Description tab in the program wizard. Scroll down the page until you see Contacts. Select the pencil icon next to the Contact you want to edit OR select the  Add New Contact button if you are adding a new contact.

4. Update the contact information accordingly and select the blue Save button when finished.

5. Next, determine if you would like to update this Contact's information for only this program, or if you'd like the Contact information to be updated for ALL existing programs associated with this contact.

6. Next, check the boxes to decide if a Contact's info is displayed on the program registration page and then choose the type of notifications you want to your Contact to receive:

  • Display on Program: Contact will be listed on the Program Registration Form.
  • Receive New Registration Notifications: Contact will receive a notification email for every new registration.
  • Receive Registration Updates: Contact will receive a notification email when updates are made to a registration.


Examples of notification emails for Registration Updates include:

  • Registration is updated
  • Correction Required is submitted
  • Registration is canceled
  • Payment is made
  • Notification of Expired Date

7. Finally, select Save or Save and Continue to complete the process.


NOTE: If you want this Contact to ONLY receive notifications for this specific program, you must ensure the Contact's email address is not listed in the 'Org Notification Email' field. 


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