Student Registration - Using Saved Messages

After you have created a Saved Message, you will be able to use it in two areas, emailing participants with the Email and Notify Registrant of Changes features. 

1. Locate the program in which you would like to email participants. You can click on the FILLED number to see a list of all of the participants or hover over the FILLED number and click on the specific section you would like to email.

2. Select the recipient(s) of your message by placing a check in the box to the left of the first column.

  • If using the Edit feature to notify a registrant of changes, a change to the registration(s) will need to be made in order to send the message. Changes include an update to the Registration, Approval, and/ or Payment Status(es). If you wish to notify the registrant, check the 'Notify registrant of changes' box.
  • If using the Email feature, no changes are needed and you will be able to send out the email. 

Notify registrant of changes messaging pop-up box:

User-added image

Email messaging pop-up box:

User-added image


3. To use a Saved Message, select the last icon in the messaging toolbar. If the icon is not available, this means there are no Saved Messages created for use. To create one, follow the instructions found HERE.


4. Click on the Saved Message you wish to use.


5. Review the message, make edits if necessary, and click Send.


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