Student Registration Integration

ArbiterSports Student Integration 

We continue working to streamline your day-to-day and we are excited to share details on our new Student Integration! 

Our Scheduling (ArbiterGame) product now allows Athletic Directors to save time by transferring athlete data directly from Registration (FamilyID), enabling athlete roster management! As students complete their registrations, they will be sent to the students list in Scheduling. 

Because your school has a Registration and Scheduling license, you are a candidate to take advantage of this update immediately.  

Enabling the Integration 

Connecting Your Accounts 

Our team has mapped your Student Registration account to your Scheduling account. 

Consent to Share 

Within the Student Registration platform, you will receive a prompt when creating a new program or editing an existing program. This prompt will ask if for consent to share data across the Scheduling and Registration platforms. The option to share data can be enabled on a per program basis.  

Data Transfer 

Once your accounts have been connected and you have consented to share data across platforms, student registration data will be sent to Scheduling for previous and current programs. Updates to student data made within Scheduling will not be sent back to Registration. 

Required Fields  

At minimum, the following fields will be sent, which will also be required for all new programs:  

  1. First Name 

  2. Last Name 

  3. Graduation Year  

Additional fields  

If you collect the following information during registration, it can be sent to the scheduling system. 

  1. StudentID
  2. Email
  3. Address
  4. Phone number
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Emergency Contact 

Previous Registrations 

You can also edit programs to send data from previous registrations:  

  1. Ensure the program has the required fields needed to send over data (first name, last name, and graduation year). 

  1. Edit the program to ensure consent has been given.  

  1. Once consent has saved, data will begin to send to your Scheduling platform.  

Participant Information 

Once student information has been sent, any updates made to their registration participant profile will also be updated within Scheduling. For example, if a student completes registration for fall volleyball, her information will be sent again if anything has changed when she registers for sprint soccer. 

Student Management 

Within the Scheduling platform, student information will be found under the Eligibility / Students subtab. 

The page shows the list of students along with the sports they are on and allows you to create rosters, run eligibility lists, and print certificates. This information can be easily exported and shared with your state association for athlete eligibility requirements: 

Create Rosters 

Select a student to view, edit and add to a team roster: 
Team rosters can also be created within a specific team by choosing Resource menu and then selecting Teams. Click here to view the help article on adding and editing teams.  


Create Eligibility Lists 

You can print eligibility lists to provide to tournament directors and your state office. Eligibility lists include the following information about each student. 

  1. Name 

  1. Grade 

  1. Date of birth 

  1. If they have passed a physical with consent on file 

  1. Date of enrollment in current term 

  1. Number of semesters/trimesters enrolled 

  1. Number of seasons playing sport 

  1. Meeting current academic requirements 



Our scheduling platform allows you to print certificates for your students at the end of the year. Our templates match Neff certificates by default and can be modified to match your specific templates. 


Previously Added Students 

If you have previously added students to your account, when a new student is sent through the API, it will map to that student using their first name, last name, and date of birth. If the student’s name or date of birth do not match (or are missing), a new student will be added. If this happens, use the student that was provided through the integration as they will be sent again when they register next. 

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