Game Importer for ArbiterGame

Using the Importer
  1. Sign into your ArbiterGame account.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab.
  3. Click on Add New on the right-hand side.
  4. Select Import Games.
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  1. Click on download template.
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  1. Once the Excel Sheet opens up, click Enable Editing.
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  1. Fill out the required fields. Hover your mouse over the column headers to see what information is required, as well as to see what format is required.
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  1. Use drop down boxes when applicable to select the Team, Home/Away, Opponent, Site, etc..
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  1. Save the Excel Sheet to your computer files.
  2. Click Choose File and find the saved excel sheet in your computer files.
  3. Click Upload.

TroubleShooting the Importer
  • If you don't see a team, sites, or opponent in the drop-down list you will need to add it into your ArbiterGame and RE-DOWNLOAD the template for it to show up.
  • Ensure to put your mouse over each category to see if it's required or not.
  • If the import fails please pay attention to the Errors section which will tell you why it didn't Import.
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