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Note:  If you have not registered for an ArbiterPay account, click HERE to register.


Linking Your ArbiterPay Account with Your Admin Account

  1. Sign in to your ArbiterSports Admin account on
  2. Click on the Payroll tab.
  3. Click on the Accounts sub-tab.  
  4. Click Link ArbiterPay Account.
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  1. Enter your ArbiterPay Username.
  2. Verify that your ArbiterPay account number is accurate by checking the last 4 digits or if you have ArbiterPay sub-accounts, select the correct account number from the drop-down box.
  3. Click Add Account.
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  1. Enter your 4-digit Security Key.
  2. Click Confirm.
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You will receive a message at the top of your screen confirming your account has successfully linked. ArbiterSports will display your ArbiterPay account number along with the current available balance. Depending on your available balance, you should now be able to pay your officials through ArbiterOne with funds from your ArbiterPay account.

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Do you need to fund your ArbiterPay account, or are you ready to pay officials? Check out the articles below:

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