Linking ArbiterPay with ArbiterOne - Officials Payments Screen

Many assigners and schools use ArbiterPay to pay their officials. If your association uses ArbiterPay, then you will need to link your ArbiterPay account to your ArbiterSports account in order to receive payment. This article will explain how to link your ArbiterPay account to your Arbiter account.

Linking your accounts:

1. Sign into your Arbiter account at
2. Select any one of your official accounts if you are part of multiple officiating groups.
3. Go to the Payments tab. You should see the message below:
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4. Click Link ArbiterPay Account.
A. If you do not have an ArbiterPay account, click Activate ArbiterPay Account to register.
5. Enter your ArbiterPay account username. Click Search.
Note: If you receive the message "Account not found", please check the spelling of your username and make sure you are using the correct username that is associated with your ArbiterPay account. To retrieve your username, please visit:
6. Confirm your ArbiterPay account number and click Add Account.
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7. Enter your 4-digit Security Key and click Confirm.
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A. If you forgot your Security Key, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot PIN?" Learn more here: How to Reset Your ArbiterPay Security PIN
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Once your accounts are linked, you should see the dashboard as seen below.

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