Student Registration - Close a Section / Set Space Limits for a Program

As an organization, you may wish to close one or more sections of a program that is open for registration. If a section is closed, families will see that section as FULL and will not be able to register for that specific section. 

1. Once logged in to your organization account on Arbiter Registration, go to your Programs tab. 

2. Click Edit for the Program.


3. Click on Tab (2) Sections.


4. For the section you want closed, click Edit.    


5. To close the section, set the Space Limit to 0.  To limit the number of registrations for a section to a specific number, enter the total number of registrations allowed. Click Save.


Note: You can use  Active Dates to set when a section automatically opens and closes or keep a section hidden from view with the Keep Hidden feature.


6. Repeat this process for all sections you wish to set a limit to. 
7. All sections with a Space Limit that is reached will display as FULL. Any open section(s) will remain available for registration.


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