Subscribing to iCal Feed (Schools)

Navigating to iCal Feed

  1. Log in to your school's Arbiter Scheduling account.
  2. Click on the Settings tab, then click on the iCal Feed sub-tab.

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iCal Feed Options and Create Feed URL

  1. On the far right side, select the information you want to display in your calendar.

    1. Include Games: All Games in your school's account.

    2. Include Events: All Events in your school's account.

    3. Include Tournaments: All Tournaments in your school's account.

    4. Include Practices: All Practices in your school's account.

  2. Select Filter.

    1. Status: All Games or Only Published Games.

    2. Teams: All Teams or Specific teams.

    3. Home/Away: All or Home/Away games only.

  3. Click Create Feed.

  4. Select Copy.

    1. This will create a URL to place into different calendar options (See Below).

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To learn how to sync your schedule with different calendars, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple MacBook, and more, please visit this article: Subscribing to an ArbiterSports Calendar Feed (section 3)


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