Eligibility (Create, Edit, Monitor)

How To Create Eligibility
How To Add Requirements
How To Edit Eligibility

How To Monitor Eligibility

How To Create Eligibility
  • Log in to your ArbiterSports Admin account.
  • Click on the Eligibility tab.
  • Click on Add Period OR the Blue Plus Sign in the top right corner.
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  • Fill out all Required Fields
    • Name
      • This name should be what you want your Season or overall Eligibility Period to be named
    • Group By
      • This will allow you to set your Eligibility date for a specific School Year or a Custom Date Range.
    • School Year/ Open & Close Dates
      • Depending on what you chose for Group By, this will either allow you to select your School Year or set your own custom Open and Close dates.
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  1. Click the Add Button
  2. Your New Eligibility Period should now show on your Dashboard
  3. Click Add Eligibility
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  • Fill out all Required Fields
    • Name
      • This would be the Sport, or any other 
    • Sport
      • This pulls from your list of Sports under the Resources tab
    • Legacy Sport
      • This is the generic name of the Sport
    • Open & Close Dates
      • Select the Date Range this Eligibility will be Open for Officials  
  • Click Add
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  • Click the Blue Plus Sign on the left next to Eligibility Tiers
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  • Fill out all Required Fields
    • Name
      • Name can be based on Level, Grade, etc.
    • Badge Image Upload
      • This will be an image uploaded from your device, once Officials have completed ALL requirements for the Tier this image will populate next to their name on the People Tab to quickly identify those who are Eligible.
      • Your Image will need to be 600 x 600 Pixels or it will be cropped.
  • Extras Options
    • Manual Subgroup
      • If you are a Super Group and would like your subgroups to be able to mark officials Eligible for your Tier, you can toggle this on
    • Completion Limitations
      • Previous Eligibility
        • If you would like one of your requirements to be that the Official has previously registered with your group.
      • Minimum Age
        • If you would like to set a minimum age for this Tier
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  • Click the Save button.

How To Add Eligibility Requirements
  • Click the Eligibility tab
  • Click the Eligibility you would like to add requirements too
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Within the Eligibility are your Tiers, you can create as many Tiers as you need for your Eligibility. Each can have different requirements as needed.
  • Click the Tier you want to add requirements for
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  • Click Select Requirement to open a dropdown menu of your requirement options
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    • Background Check
      • You can choose to collect Consent to a background 
      • You can choose if you want the background check to be Run After a certain date or Expires After a certain date
    • Custom Requirement
      • This could be any outside item required by your group
      • This will need to be manually marked as completed
    • In-Person Event
      • This can be manually marked or set up as an Event within your account
    • Online Clinics
      • Require Officials to watch online Clinics (Must be added to your License)
    • Registration
      • Require Officials to fill out a Registration form (Must be added to your License)
    • Testing
      • Require Officials to take a test and receive a specified score (Must be added to your License)
    • USSF Certification (Soccer Only)
      • Require soccer officials to complete certifications issued by USSF. Learn more about USSF Integration.
    • You can toggle between All or Any
      • This allows you to customize whether or not you want Any of the following requirements to be completed or All of the following requirements to be completed
    • Click the Plus Sign to create a new requirement
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    • Click Add Set to start a New Section of Requirements
      • You can also Toggle your requirements On and Off
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    • Once requirements are set to your liking click Publish in the top right corner.
    • Made a mistake? Click the Trash Can icon next to any requirement to remove it.

    How To Edit Eligibility
    • Log in to your ArbiterSports Admin account.
    • Click on the Eligibility tab.
    • Click any set of ellipsis to get to Edit, Delete, Archive, or mass update an area.
    Eligibility Period:
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    User-added image

    Official Eligibility- Mass:
    User-added image

    Official Eligibility- Individual:
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    How To Monitor Eligibility
    • Log in to your ArbiterSports Admin account.
    • Click on the Eligibility tab.
    • Click on the Monitor Eligibility subtab.
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    • Use the Search Officials bar to begin monitoring officials.

    You can search by officials names, or enter at least two letters to return all officials with those two letters (i.e. "al" returns all officials whose first name or last name contains "al")

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    • Click on the official's name to view their completed, started, open, and Previous eligibilities.
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    • The top of the page will show Current Eligibilities and Tiers the Official is enrolled in, as well as what requirements they have or have not completed.
    • The Left side of the page will show Previous Eligibilities, and personal information for the Official.

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