Student Registration Can Participants See Your Programs?

Listing, or displaying your programs on Arbiter Registration, refers to whether or not potential registrants can view the programs your organization has created in Arbiter.

  • Public listings can be seen by anyone using the Arbiter Registration system and are color-coded in green for your convenience.
  • Private listings are hidden from the public, but you can share a direct link to the listing if you choose.
  • Pending listings are only seen by your organization.

Your program's Registration status refers to whether or not your organization is actively accepting new registrations for a program.

  • Open indicates your organization is actively accepting registrations and are color-coded in green for your convenience.
  • Pending indicates that your organization intends to collect registrations at some point in the future.
  • Closed indicates that your deadline for collecting registrations has passed.

Opening and Closing Programs

1. Hover your cursor over Public or Open to see the LISTING or REGISTRATION date range. 

2. You will then be directed back to your Programs page, which will reflect your new status.

3. If you marked your program as Open you will be prompted to 'Tweet' the link to your form. Selecting the blue Click to Tweet button will open Twitter in a new tab. Log-in to your Twitter account, and once logged-in, a pre-populated tweet with the link to your form will display. If you would rather not Tweet the link to your form, select the ' X' in the top-right corner of the Click to Tweet, window.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Approve and Save button to save your changes. 

5. You will now see the Publishing tab for your program where you can adjust your display settings. 
  • Under Display on Arbiter Registration, choose whether you want your program listed as Private or Public and set your dates.
  • Under Open Registration, choose either Open or Closed and set your dates.
  • Important Tip! Pay close attention to the Start Date and End date you select. These settings will tell Arbiter how long to keep your programs Public and Open for registrations. 

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6. Find the program you would like to change and click on the underlined text displayed in the LISTING column. The text will either be green or black depending on the current status. It will read either  Private or Public.

7. Once logged in and on your Programs tab, you'll see a LISTING and REGISTRATION status displayed for each program. 

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Common Questions


Why would I want a program to be listed as 'Private' and 'Open'? 

Many organizations collect registrations for programs that are only available to specific audiences. Listing a program as Private and Open allows you to give a direct link for someone to register without opening the program up to the public.

Why would I want a program to be listed as 'Public' and 'Closed'?

We advise organizations to keep their programs listed as Public for a period of time after registration is closed. This allows families to understand that the registration deadline has passed. 

What if I want to allow a family to submit a registration after a program has been 'Closed'?

It's easy! You can simply adjust the program settings. We advise organizations to adjust the program to be listed as Private and Open. This allows you to share a direct link to that program's registration form to the individual family without opening the program back up to the public.


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