Arbiter Registration Dashboard

Navigate to Registration
  1. Click on Eligibility tab.
  2. Click on the Registration sub-tab.
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Creating a Registration
  1. Click Create Registration.
  2. Fill out the information related to this registration (Name, Dates, School Year).
    1. If you are a supergroup, you can turn on the option for the officials to select their local subgroup during registration. You can limit the number of selections and also have them choose a Primary/Secondary group.
    2. If you are running background checks through Arbiter or would like to collect consent from officials for a background check, please make sure to check the box in this set up step.
  3. Select the sports you want included in this registration.
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Creating Registration Steps
  1. Welcome Step:
    1. Add a group logo.
    2. Add any personalized association message in the text box.
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  1. User Consent Step:
    1. Add any language that officials must read and consent too. This language can be association specific. Example below:
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  1. Personal Information Step:
    1. Turn ON/OFF any user information that you would like to require users fill-out on their profile.
    2. If you are collecting Background Check Consent, the following items are required: First and Last Name, SSN, and Date of Birth.
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  1. Questions Step:
    1. In addition to Personal Information on their user profile, you can also choose to collect additional personal details needed for a specific registration. These questions are universal and can be used by any Arbiter group. If you are needing additional questions for your group, please reach out to
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  1. Fees Step: All fees for registration can now be built by the group admin on the Fees Step.
    1. Click New Fee Rule. The official will see each fee listed as a line item when they go to pay if the fee is applicable.
    2. Create the specific Fee Rule (Rule Name, Frequency of the Fee, Condition if applicable, and Charge or Discount amount).
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  1. Registration Confirmation:
    1. Official will receive confirmation of registration through an on-screen confirmation as well as receiving an email confirmation.
    2. The admin can customize both of these confirmations and include any other relevant information regarding the association that you would like the official to know about.
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Posting your Registration

When you publish your registration, officials will be able to access the registration via the Central Hub or by using the registration specific URL provided for each registration.

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