Arbiter Eligibility Dashboard

Getting Started
  1. Click on Eligibility tab.
  2. Click Create Eligibility Period or use the “+” button in the upper right-hand corner.
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  1. Fill in the specific information for this eligibility period:
    1. Give your eligibility period a name (Ex. 2021-22 School Year).
    2. Group your eligibility period by date range or school year. Date range is most commonly used.
    3. Choose open and close dates for this eligibility period.
    4. Click Create.
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  1. Add your different eligibilities.
    1. This can either be broken into different sports or individual eligibilities an official must complete.
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  1. Once your eligibilities have been built, it’s time to add your different eligibility tiers.
    1. Tiers can be arranged to fit a certain order of hierarchy. The official will show the highest level of achieved tier.
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  1. Add your requirements to your tiers.
    1. Requirements can be set as group where the official must complete “All” of the listed requirements, or the requirements can be set as a group where the official must complete “Any X number” of the requirements.
    2. Once you have added your requirements, you will click Publish to save those requirements.
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  1. Two added features in the eligibility dashboard include the ability to Duplicate and the ability to Copy URL.
    1. Duplicating eligibilities allows you to save time from year to year when you need to rebuild your eligibilities.
    2. Admins can choose to Copy the URL for eligibility and send it to officials. By doing so, when officials access the link sent to them from the admin, it will take them directly to the eligibilities for this group.
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  1. When you are finished building your eligibilities, officials will be able to enroll in the specific tiers you have built and then be able to complete requirements as they become available. Below is an example of a group that has built eligibilities, and had officials complete those eligibilities.
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