League Scheduler

1. In your school's Arbiter Scheduling account, click on the Schedule tab.
2. Click on the sub-tab League Scheduler.
3. Click Create League Schedule.
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4. Select the school year that you need to add the games for.
5. Select your team.
6. Select the default time that the games will start.
7. Select the number of Teams.
8. Select the Officiating default for the assignment of officials.
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9. Select the Game Dates from the calendar.

10. Click Save and Next.

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11. Set up the league schedule for the given Sport/Level/School Year.

i. On the left side, select the Teams involved in the schedule.

ii. On the right side, you can click the Edit icon to edit the schedule layout and match-ups. Click the Save Progress button when done. (*Hide match-ups that you do not want created)

12. Click Save and Next.

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13. To Review your schedule before creating it, click Review Schedule.
14. You also have the option to create a schedule for the same team for the following year by clicking Mirror to next year. To swap the match-ups for the next year, click Swap home/away.
15. Click Add Schedule to create the schedule for other teams using the same schedule. You can choose the sport/gender/level, days offset, start time, and to swap home/away for the other teams. Click Save.

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iii. A message will pop up to confirm that you would like to add ‘X’ amount of games as well as duplicate any additional schedules. If you wish to continue, click Create Games.

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iv. It may take a few minutes to load. You will receive a confirmation message once the system has successfully added the games. If there are issues in the schedule, you will receive a message letting you know of those issues.

Note: Once you create the league schedule, it cannot be edited or deleted. Each individual game would have to be edited or deleted if there is a correction to make. Games created using the League Scheduler tool are marked as Published.

- To edit a league schedule, click the User-added imageicon or click Edit. Edits can be made to the schedule until it has been created.
- To view the created schedules for the league, click the   User-added image icon or click Created. You have the option to print the schedule and email the schedule to all opponents.

- To delete a league schedule that is in an editable state, click on the User-added image icon. If a schedule has already been created, it cannot be edited or deleted. Those edits must be made by the schools involved in the games.

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