New Game Email, But No Games to Accept/Decline

  1. The assigner released the game and then changed the assignment.  Typically the assigner opts to send a follow up email about the unassignment, but not always.
  2. The assigner prematurely released the games.  In this scenario, the assigner releases the games, realizes that they want to make a few more adjustments to the schedule, and removes the published (viewable by official) status from the assignment.
  3. The assigner uses our auto-accept feature.  This feature automatically accepts games for the official once the official views the schedule.  Though this is available, most clients do not use it.
  4. The assignment was marked as accepted.  If an assigner has previously discussed a game with an official, they can mark the game as accepted.  In this case, an email is sent to the official but the game cannot be accepted or declined.

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