Assigning Officials in ArbiterGame

  1. Sign in to your ArbiterGame account.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab.
  3. Go to the game in question. Click on the officials jersey icon User-added image on the right side to open the positions on the game.
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  1. Not seeing the officials jersey icon?
    1. Click on the game to edit.
    2. Scroll to the Officials sections at the bottom.
    3. Using the drop-down menu, select Assigned by School.
    4. Select the number of positions you need.
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  1. Click Save Game at the bottom.
  1. Click Assign.
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  1. The Available Officials filter will show all officials that are available for the game.
  • If an official has a conflict, blocked date/time, or a distance issue, the official will show under the All Officials filter.
  1. Select the official on the left side, enter the game fee on the right side, and click Assign at the bottom.
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  1. You will remain on the Assign Officials menu to optionally continue assigning officials to fill the remaining empty positions on the game. Click Close when you're done.

If you need more positions on the game, click Add Position in the bottom left corner and use the steps above to assign more officials.

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