How to Add an Assigner to Games

Before you can proceed to the steps below, see the following article for how to link an ArbiterOne assigning group to your teams.
How to Link Your ArbiterOne Assigner to Your Teams

Choosing an Assigner for Games

The next step will be to add games and select the assigning group.

  1. Sign into your ArbiterGame Account and proceed to add a New Game.
  2. When the section of Officials appears, select the game to be Assigned By the assigning group that was given under the Teams tab.

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  1. Click on Create Game or Create Game and New.
    1. After this has been done, the game will automatically pass over to the Assigner's schedule to be able to assign.


If you receive a call from the Association or an Assigner to let you know that they cannot see the games under their scheduling page, it can be that:

  • there is no Group ID under the Teams tab.
  • the game was added before adding the group ID under the Teams therefore not giving you the option to select their group. If there is no group ID under the Teams tab, proceed to go over the steps shown under the section of “Adding a Group ID to a Team”. If you added games before adding a group ID under the Teams tab, then proceed to do the following”.
  1. Sign into your ArbiterGame Account and find the game that the assignor is not able to see.
  2. Click the game to edit it.
  3. Under the section of Officials, select the assigning group that was given under the teams tab.
  4. Click on Save Game.

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